How I lost 16 kgs Weight in 6 months – Weight loss story By Prerna



Prerna’s weight loss story

“I lost 16 kgs weight in 6 months”

Weight loss has been my biggest issue since college. I was quite slim in my first year, but by the end of the fourth year, I closely resembled a baby hippo!

How I lost 16 kgs Weight in 6 months Prerna at 65 kgs

All thanks to the fizzy drinks and oily, fried junk I used to consume in those days. I haven’t really followed any particular diet plan or exercise regime. But I did make changes in my diet and activities to adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

I went from 65 Kgs to 49 Kgs in a time span of 6 months and lost 7 inches of my waist.

How I lost 16 kgs weight in 6 months

It first hit me that I am close to obesity when I came home after 4 years of college and decided that it is time for a wardrobe makeover. College mostly comprised of old, worn-out jeans and ratty, loose T-shirts. So off I went to the stores. And nothing would fit right or look good. Bulges popping out everywhere, love handles quivering and thighs thundering! It was a fashion student’s worst nightmare. Depression set in and then determination.

I am 5 ft 3 inches tall. My ideal weight should range between 47-55 kgs. And here I was. A whopping 65 kgs.

Initially, I craved a quick and instant weight loss. It drove me to desperation. Crash dieting, green tea in bulk….I even started looking up magic weight loss pills (utter rubbish by the way) and was trying to convince my dad for liposuction (thankfully, he had the sense to say ‘hell no!’) !!

I am not giving you magic food recipes or miracle exercises. I am merely telling you the basic things you need to do.

I have put together some points that helped me out in losing weight. These are things that you already might now. But mostly things I discovered work for me best. I have managed to shed those extra kilos and maintain a stable weight with a toned, not saggy body and a healthy, glowing skin.

  • Step two: set a realistic goal. I decided I wanted to hit 50 kilos. That’s a 15-kilo reduction. So for every month, I would set up a 2-3 kilo weight loss target. Be realistic. You cannot drop so much weight at one go. Those fad diets will only make you gain it back when you go back to eating.
  • Now for my diet regime. Not only did I switch to healthier options, but I also reduced my portions and frequency of meals as well. It does not matter if you have a hectic lifestyle or a heavy social life. There is no excuse to stray from your diet.

WATER! Say hello to your new best friend. Drink 2-3 bottles minimum every day. Most of the time you feel hungry when you are actually thirsty.

I still drink a lot of fluids throughout the day. Green tea, low-calorie beverages, coconut water, etc. They keep you full and make you feel lighter and more active.

How I lost 16 kgs weight in 6 months – My Diet

  • Eat a low-fat breakfast. Unsweetened Kellogs (1 bowl) or a huge glass of milk with an apple and some nuts.
  • There is absolutely no eating after 7 or 8 PM!! If you feel hungry at night, make yourself a big cup of green tea or warm milk. Do not give in to your cravings!
  • Avoid carbs!! You don’t have to completely give them up. But a bare minimum should be consumed through whole wheat bread/pasta, brown rice, and boiled potatoes.
  • Say bye-bye to fried foods. Even if you are eating out, opt for healthy salads with vinaigrette dressing (no mayo or thousand islands) or if you are really hungry a sizzler…grilled chicken/paneer, sautéed vegetables, and no mashed potatoes or bread. Ask the waiter to bring extra veggies instead of the potatoes. Mashed potatoes have cream and a lot of salt. Very, very fattening!
  • I know low cal sweeteners and diet drinks are a no-no in the health department. But I couldn’t stay off those. Look for healthier artificial sweeteners or brown sugar. Forget that you even know that white sugar exists!

My Workout

  • I am not much of a gym fan, but I managed to make my lifestyle more active. I always take the (the escalators are too crowded anyway!), at the mall, in my own house (fortunately we have 3 floors….so a lot of going up and down).
  • Walk to the convenience store, market……You need to be active all the time.
  • Better yet, if you have the time, join some sport or activity; keeps you busy, fit and helps make some like-minded friends J:)
  • Simply controlling your intake of food is not enough. When you are dieting, your mind is focussed all the time on food (or lack of it). If you don’t keep your body busy, it will crave all unhealthy indulgences.
  • Watching TV? Well, do some crunches or stretches while you are at it.
  • Working 8 hours? I am sure your office has stairs! Use them!

Don’t drink coffees and teas from the machines! Take your own with artificial sweeteners or brown sugar!

Going out with friends? Choose places where you can walk around a lot. Irrespective of what your friends are eating…stick to your own choices.

Your skinny friend ordered a cheesy pizza with a large coca-cola and chocolate brownie for dessert? Well, guess what? You are having a salad with lemonade! Or grilled chicken/ paneer/ vegetables!

Don’t cheat! You can cheat your mind but not your body.

My Lifestyle Changes

  • I used to order dominoes every night when I was working. I was too pooped from working all day long and just wanted to plonk in front of the TV with a blank mind and a mouth full of pizza. DON’T!! Make a healthy snack. Relax with a soothing cup of tea while you are at it. It is 15 minutes of work but will help you in the long run.
  • I used to buy vegetables and fruits and make a healthy salad. Download different recipes off the net.
  • Make fresh soups and indulge with brown bread (1-2 slices only)
  • Eat healthy…but not in bulk. Everything should be in moderation.

I stayed true to all these points. Not only did I drop the excess weight…I also maintained it!

Eating healthy is part of my life now. It gets difficult for me to eat oily, greasy snacks the way I used to. I still enjoy my treats…chocolates, French fries, butter chicken…but in small quantities. Now it’s more of an occasional indulgence. Otherwise, I just end up feeling sick.

And that’s the way it should be. These sorts of foods are meant to be an indulgence, not your everyday food! Then you truly enjoy them.

Stay fit…stay healthy…Stay active!

I have put some pictures up….stages of my weight loss progress over the months.

Hope you guys find it helpful.


How I lost 16 kgs Weight in 6 months Prerna at max weight


How I lost 16 kgs Weight in 6 months Prerna at 61 kgs



How I lost 16 kgs Weight in 6 months Prerna at 58 kgs


How I lost 16 kgs Weight in 6 months Prerna at 54 kgs


How I lost 16 kgs Weight in 6 months Prerna at 49 kgs now

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Prerna is a fashion designer. You can check her Facebook page here.

Prerna – You look absolutely stunning ! Loved to have you here :). Hugs – Tarun Preet

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