How Many Carbs Should You Eat For Weight Loss



How Many Carbs Should You Eat For Weight Loss

Most of you know that I have tried a lot of diet plans to lose weight. I had no success with GM diet, read about it here. I think I was benefited with Macrobiotic diet, read about it here. I have failed miserably when I did low calorie diets. Low calorie diets make you starve …feel horrible .. so much so that you would end up eating Pasta when frustrated.

The only way I have been able to reduce weight has been Low carb lifestyle. Currently, I am trying to do Intermittent Fat Fasting, more details about it after 15 days once I can capture the results.

How Many Carbs Should You Eat For Weight Loss

Why I follow low carb lifestyle, read here… I INSIST ! I have been doing low carb since a while now, it has reduced my appetite. I won’t say I eat whatever I want , but yes I don’t do portion control to the heights. In short, I enjoy food and I don’t starve and I lose weight. Voila, what can be better than that !

Now let’s jump straight to the BIG question how many carbs should you eat for weight loss?

Now this may sound as a politically correct answer 😛 , but carb intake is dependent on a lot of factors like age, gender, activity level, culture, metabolism, current state of health etc etc etc. People who have sitting jobs like me, would need lesser carbs as compared to an athlete.

How to cut your carbs to check what suits you ?

First and the foremost rule is to remove all the unhealthy carbs from your diet – read sugar, junk and wheat. I hope you read how wheat can devastate your weight loss, read here.

Second step is to choose good carbs. Read it here .

Third step is to further cut on carbs. I shall tell you how !

Extreme Low Carbs : 20-50 grams per day

This is meant only for people who wish to lose weight fats, subject to market risks. … errrr.. subject to conditions ! You must be non veggie for this. I have been trying to hit 20 grams with eggs and veggies and I have successfully failed many times 😛

I pretty much wrap up under 50 grams carbs per day. When you eat carns in this range, your body kicks into ketosis and starts burning fat stored in your body. You can have low carb veggies, few berries, non veg , eggs and healthy fats. Bacon, pork, chicken and fish are non veg items.

Low Carbs : 50-100 Grams per day

This range is great if you want to lose weight without too much effort. You will lose weight but steadily. You can have veggies, 1-2 fruits per day, non veg , eggs and healthy fats.

Moderate Carbs : 100-150 Grams Per Day

This is a relaxed lifestyle. Its good for people who want to lead a healthy life and are maintaining weight. You just need to choose good carbs and have all natural food you like to eat. You can have healthy grains like besan, oats, ragi etc as well.

You need to first think and think through !

How much weight do you need to lose ?

How much self control do you have ?

Can you accept this as a Lifestyle ?

Then experiment with all the three carb ranges. Listen to your body ! Pick the range that suits you the best !

By the way, we Indians do eat more than 250 grams carbs every day when we eat normally … so think how much you can cut on your carbs ! If you need help, I am just a comment away :).

P.S – These 2 posts will help you to find out net carbs you are eating, here and here.