How To Boost Your Immunity This Winter



How To Boost Your Immunity This Winter


How are you doing ? How is your family doing ? What about your friends and colleagues ? If everyone is doing fine, it means that people around you have very good immune system :). If not, then perhaps all of them should read this post. I always want to make everyone read my banter, lolz 😛

The weather here in Bangalore is such that everyone around me has taken at least one sick leave in the last 15 days. In North India, winters are at full bloom. Immunity has become the most sought after word especially during the last one year with the corona virus engulfing almost every one with low immunity. Now with the second strain of corona virus doing round, it becomes all the more important for everyone to strengthen the immune system.

How To Boost Your Immunity This Winter

How To Boost Your Immunity This Winter

Let’s see what how we can prevent ourselves from cold , flu or any other allergies.


Haanji :). Perhaps I could live without air but not without water(read exaggeration 😛 ). Water carries WBC through the body. WBC are responsible to fight against diseases and keep you healthy. When you feel you are about to fall sick, increase your water  intake. Make sure that you drink clean water. Avoid drinking water at restaurants especially during this weather. Order a mineral water bottle instead of drinking normal water.


All of us need 7-8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep causes fatigue, weight gain and decrease in immunity. Make sure you get your dose of good sleep.

Healthy Diet

Junk food not only contains empty calories minus the nutrition, they hamper your system(Read body). The few important nutrients to strengthen immunity are Vitamins( A, C, D, E) , Zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids and protein.How to you get them ? Nuts, Fruits, Eggs, White Meat, Veggies, Seeds etc . 

Out of the above nutrients, Vitamin C is the most important nutrient to prevent/fight cold. All citrus fruits like orange, kiwis, berries are rich in Vitamin C. Antioxidants like brown rice are also good source of Vitamin C.

You can absorb Vitamin D from sun. If you have cold/cough, spend 15-20 minutes in the sun, you would feel better 🙂


Even if you are fit, 20-30 minutes of quick workout 3-4 times a week suffices to boost immunity. If you complain that there are only 24 hours a day and you probably want to increase the number 😛 , try HIIT. HIIT is a quick fat buring workout, read here and here.


Our digestion and immunity is straight away related to the health of your gut. You can increase the probiotics in your diet if you have fallen sick or you feel you soon can.

Garma Garam Chai 🙂

Adrak wali chai is must in winters ! I just had my cup of tea, what about you 🙂 !

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