How To Choose Best Whey Protein Powder



How To Choose Best Whey Protein Powder

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I hope your protein confusions are solved a bit after reading about Whey concentrate n whey isolate. If you have missed it, read it here.

How To Choose Best Whey Protein Powder

How To Choose Best Whey Protein Powder

So many brands and a lot more products give us more choices along with confusion :P. Let me give you some pointers how to select a whey protein as per your needs. Here we go –

Evaluate Your Health and Fitness Goals

It is important to know your health and fitness goals. Your goals would decide which kind of protein and how much protein you need.
For example, your fitness goal can be to lose x amount of weight in y months. OR to maintain weight but build muscle mass and get toned. A goal always needs to be measurable, quantitatively and qualitatively both.

Evaluate your body’s health state

Your body’s health state will also govern the kind of protein you should use. Soya is known to be a good source of protein for vegetarians but if you have thyroid or PCOS, keep away from it. Soya has become debatable since it is associated with a lot of diseases, my personal suggestion is to prefer whey over soya.

Evaluate your protein intake through food

If you are a veggie and don’t take eggs too, you certainly need a protein supplement even if you are not a health or fitness freak. We need a minimum amount of protein for the wear and tear of muscles that happens in daily chores. If you are an eggs lover or a non-veggie, evaluate how much protein do you take from your food and the rest must be fulfilled by a protein supplement.

Check the protein proportion in the product’s total weight

There is no point in buying the protein supplement which says 30 % protein and the rest is sugar/carbs. Read the labels!

Look for the brand

Nutrition is one of the biggest businesses that thrive on our deficiencies :P. This gives the opportunity to any nutrition company to price the product the way they want, to chose the ingredient whatever they want. But we as consumers have the right to choose a product that is right for us. Look for a well-established brand while buying whey protein.

Look at the Whey protein Product’s Amino Acid Profile

When your body converts protein, it breaks it down into amino acids which repair torn muscle tissue. These are also responsible to build new muscle tissue.
The higher the amino acid profile, the higher would be the effectiveness of the protein supplement. This will definitely make a difference if you are trying to lose weight.

Now the main question – which whey protein to use? Choose what fits you from the below options –

  • Trying to lose weight or tone yourself? Use whey isolate since it is one of the purest protein.

  • Are you a fitness freak who is fit but works out regularly?  Use whey isolate since its required to repair the muscle worn out by working out regularly.

  • Trying to gain weight? Use whey Concentrate. It has lactose and has higher calories which can help you gain weight.

  • Are you a vegetarian with a sedentary or intermediary lifestyle but ideal weight? – Use whey isolate and concentrate interchangeably.

  • Are you a non-vegetarian with a sedentary or intermediary lifestyle but ideal weight? – Use whey concentrate

  • Do you have PCOS or thyroid? – Please use whey instead of soya as per your needs.

I hope I have covered most of the possible scenarios you might be in. In case I have missed something, please add in comments 🙂

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