How to Find the Right Wig for Your Face Shape



There are several things to consider when buying a wig, such as the type of wig cap, whether you prefer synthetic or human hair, and what color you like best. Another important factor for finding a wig that suits you is your face shape. Using your face shape as a guide can be especially useful if you’re new to wigs or shopping for wigs online.

Women generally have six different face shapes. Each shape is determined by the proportions of your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and chin.

Oval face shape

Woman with an oval face shapeSomeone with an oval face shape usually has a longer face, with the length of the face being about one and a half times the width. Typically, the forehead is slightly wider than the chin.

If you have an oval face shape, you can wear virtually any style of wig. Various hairstyles can compliment the proportions of an oval face.

Round face shape

Woman with a round face shapeRound face shapes usually have little or no angular structure and larger cheeks that round out the face.

The best wig styles for a round face have lots of layers, or waves with volume. Try looking for a shoulder length or longer style as these wigs’ layers will add structure and texture to your softer jawline. Styles to avoid are pixie cuts, short bobs, or hairstyles with inward-facing layers.

Heart face shape

Woman with a heart face shapePeople with heart-shaped faces tend to have wider foreheads, more pronounced cheekbones, and a chin that comes to a point at the bottom.

A wide variety of hairstyles look great on a heart face shape, including chin length or shorter looks, styles with side-sweeping fringe, and hairstyles with inward-facing layers.

Square face shape

Woman with a square face shapePeople with square-shaped faces tend to have a wider and more pronounced chin and forehead. Oftentimes, the forehead and jawline are the same width.

Because a square face shape has an angular jawline, you may wish to avoid chin-length hairstyles. However, a style with tapered bangs and long locks can soften the sharpness of a square face shape.

Diamond face shape

Woman with a diamond face shapePeople with a diamond face shape have a narrow forehead, a small chin, and the cheekbones will be the widest part of the face. A diamond face shape is different from a heart face shape since the forehead will not be as wide.

Most wig styles look great on a diamond-shaped face, but both short and long bobs look especially complimentary.

Oblong face shape

Woman with an oblong face shapePeople with oblong face shapes have long features with a rounded forehead and chin. This shape is different from an oval face shape as someone with an oblong face will have a narrower chin.

If you have an oblong face shape, you may wish to avoid sleek hairstyles that will further elongate the face. Voluminous styles with layers will look great on those with oblong face shapes as they can widen the look of the face. Also, thick bangs and styles longer than chin length flatter this face shape.

You may find that your face shape does not fit perfectly into a specific category. That’s OK! It is very common to have a face shape that has a combination of different features. While your face shape can be a helpful guide for choosing a wig you’ll be happy with, don’t feel like it’s a strict rule you necessarily have to follow. Above all, it’s important to pick a wig style that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Carliz Sotelo Teague

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