How To Keep Fit And Sexy During Winters



How To Keep Fit And Sexy During Winters

Hey Ladies

Winters are at their best, and do you know we put on weight during this period? There are a lot of reasons we gain weight in winters more than other seasons.

How I Gained So Much Weight

They are –

1. It’s a common belief that we need to eat more to stay warm, but is that the case? And, those with more flab feel more cold and to stay warm they eat more resulting in piling on weight. And more calories stores in form of white fat in the body while we need brown fat to burn calories to keep warm.

2. Sometimes we feel more hungry during winters, that could be because of melatonin, hormones triggered due to darkness, contribute more sleep and in appetite.

3. Another case is, if you don’t even eat more in winters still you put on weight, the reason is we need sunlight to synthesis Vitamin D and in winters we don’t get enough sunlight so low level of Vitamin D stores more fat in body.

4. In winters, we tend to eat more fattier foods. We crave for puddings, brownies, fried food, more teas and coffees which results in extra calories which are hard to burn in winters due to our less activities in winters. Most of the time we keep our self inside, stocking up in warm clothes and lessen our activities.

The result is weight gain. But there are some strategies to keep fit and lean during winters.

How To Keep Fit And Sexy During Winters


How To Keep Fit And Sexy During Winters

1. Smart Indulgence

Instead of high sugar and fat storing delicious temptation. choose for low sugar, nutrient rich food. Avoid cookies, fried and include raw almonds, Hot chocolate, unsweetened coconut milk or chocolate protein powders. Replace potatoes in your main dish with seasonal green vegetables.

2. Keep a track of what you eat

It is proved that those who keep a track what they eat lose more than who don’t. Keep a journal with you or can download app for it. Write each and everything what you eat whole day, keep a check on calories. Weigh yourself at weekly basis and you will get to know where you are failing to lose weight.

3. Increase Fiber in your diet

Include 25 to 35gms fiber in your diet to keep hunger pangs at bay. Green vegetables , nuts, seeds and berries are a good source of fiber, add them in your diet, this will not only keep you full for longer time but will also stabilize blood sugar and help you to stay away from high sugar cravings.

4. Plan your meals

If you think you won’t get enough time for preparing your next meal due to work pressure, then do some preparations before like chopping vegetables, pre cooked meals and store in your fridge. these early preparation will help you in avoiding last minute junk food order. If you have to go to a big party, eat something before you leave for party, this will save you to bite those sugary cupcakes.

5. Workout

Don’t skip your workouts in winters , Make a schedule and follow it religiously. Chose high intensity training to get better results in less time. push yourself to wake up early if you don’t get time for work out in whole day. Don’t be a lazy bum and don’t wait for winters to go 😀 ( i know it’s easy to say but difficult to do).

6. Before and after parties

I know there are so many parties to attend in winters, don’t skip meals before going to party, instead prepare protein shake in breakfast or lunch to maintain sugar levels and keep your meals after party light to compensate.

I hope these tricks will help you keep in shape during winters 🙂

Do you know of some more tips to escape winter weight gain? Share with us!