How To Lose Weight By Walking



How To Lose Weight By Walking

Just two years back, I started taking my walks seriously as there was loads to shed. When I began walking I used to feel terribly conscious on the road. My morning accompanying music used to be Gayatri Mantra or Ganpati/Durga Chaalisa (one can imagine my walking speed) 😛

Now when I think of those days and compare with my present walking speed, I realize that it was not walking but strolling. In these two years, I have graduated from walking on the slow beat of bhajans to the fastest possible beat of Bollywood item numbers.

Those were the days when I generally walked behind the trees and bushes so that other morning walkers couldn’t see me when I puffed and gasped as I made an effort to jog a bit in between my ‘crawling’. I have much stamina and didn’t know how to increase it.

I was constantly looking for exercise videos on YouTube but wasn’t able to do any of those high intensity workouts. Then I found “WAH” Walk at Home program of Leslie Sansone.

How To Lose Weight By Walking

In the first trial, I wanted to do just 1 mile walk but realized that I could manage a bit more thus finished a complete 5 mile walk and that too nonstop. What a big achievement it was to finish a 5 mile walk ! I was hooked to her walking program and every day I did five mile walk and loved the intensity.

The best thing I liked in Leslie’ WAH was that my obesity wasn’t coming in between my effort to let go of it. Yes, I was obese and with a troubled back but the intensity of this program was just perfect to my liking.  “WAH” helped me build my stamina and lose weight without hurting my already painful joints. This was the time when I used to have joint pains and my knees ached while climbing stairs, and here I was doing 5 mile aerobic walk with Leslie Sansone.

I was amazed at myself as I was becoming addicted to exercising. Every time I completed a long walk I wanted to do more; that is the magic of Leslie’s “WAH”, it doesn’t tire you, but rejuvenates and energizes you.

Another thing that helped better my stamina was walking to Bollywood music. I had made a playlist of around 50 songs with every second song in an increased pace and funnily most of the songs were Bollywood ‘latka-jhatka’ numbers especially item numbers. My list had all of them from munni, sheela, kajrare to balam pichkari. Oh! What fun it was to keep pace with the beat.

I love to do Power Walk on the beat even on the road. (Wait for a detailed play list of best Bollywood walk songs) 🙂 Initially, people used to stare at my moving arms and pace, some used to smile too but then they got used to seeing me walking on the road like that on a daily basis. In the beginning, I felt those looks and smiling whispers uncomfortable but then I reminded myself that people on the road always laugh and stare. They do it when they see a ‘FAT’ me eating ice-cream so let it be, keep walking briskly.

I was never bothered about anyone and power walked happily. A time came when the regular walkers in the park stopped me to find out how many kilos I had shed. I had realized that exercising was the time when I was the happiest. Today I walk at the speed of 4-5 miles per hour and love to do intervals.

I love it when once a regular walker in the society overtook me and while passing by said, “Finally ma’m I managed to overtake you. I had been trying that for almost half an hour.” I love this feeling and am proud to think how far I have come from the day when as an NCC cadet in training camps I always reported sick on the days when we use to have relay races and trekking. Oh God! How much I hated walking then 😛

C2to5K was another program that helped me a lot. Though I never had the patience to do it the way it should have been done, step by step increase. But I did it anyway with a promise to myself that I would never repeat it as I felt terrible pain in my knees doing that program. I liked using ‘Chubby Jones C2 to 5K Podcast”.

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While writing about walking, I give full credit to a good pedometer as this little thing in your pocket can be the best ever motivator for you. I bought this online and am loving it. Read the review here.

We need to walk minimum 10,000 steps every day to lose weight. This little gadget helped me count my steps, calories, distance and fat burnt. I ensured to walk more than 10,000 steps daily. Today I walk around 20000 steps on an average daily 🙂 Once just to check how many steps do I walk normally without any exercise, I kept it in my pocket throughout the day and by the end of the day was shocked to find that I hadn’t walked even 2000 steps 🙁

A pedometer can easily motivate you to walk more and more. Today even my daughter has one and we love to hide ours from each other and then sneak in slyly to find out who did how many steps more or less. (thanks to that competitive spirit :P) A pedometer is fun to carry with you on your walks. It can actually change your walk routine.

Remember there is nothing you cannot do in life. Push yourself out and go be a go getter, at least push yourself hard when there is question of your health at stake. As I always say, life is good if you are happy from inside and believe me a healthy you will always be a happy you. So Love life, Live Life and walk that unwanted part of you out of your way to happiness.