How To Lose Weight During Navratri-Diet Plan & Tips



How To Lose Weight During Navratri

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Like the previous year, this year also I am all geared up to celebrate those nine days of Navratri, when the atmosphere and mood all around is of joy, reverence and fasting and feasting. Every year, before Navratri we share with you all a healthy diet plan to fast and feast yet lose weight during these nine days. Following the tradition I am sharing with all the readers what I am going to do during Navratri, with a hope that you will enjoy the festivities yet lose a few kilos with me by following this Navratri diet plan to lose weight.

Navratri Diet Plan for weight loss- The rules

This year since most of us have already done the One-week weight loss challenge so it will not be that difficult to follow a weight loss plan during Navratri. All you are required to do is follow a few rules.

Navratri Weight Loss Diet Rules

1. Decide one food group that you will not be having during these nine days. Now this decision should be made keeping in mind what is your weakness that kills your diet every time you try. For example, I have decided to skip all kinds of sugar, white, brown, honey etc.

2. Reduce your calorie intake by cutting on grains. Yes, that means not having even Kuttu Atta goodies at the end of the day. Cutting on Kuttu and Singhara flour can help you cut down calories drastically and in fact will help you eat more of the veggies and fruits.

3. According to some people limiting Protein can help make you eat lighter meals but I don’t agree with that as Protein will keep you full and satiated after that single meal in the evening.

4. Try to reduce salt intake to help reduce water retention.

5. Eat a lot of fruit as it increases fiber content in meals to help you detoxify and clean your digestive system, but ‘a lot’ doesn’t mean kilos of fruits. Control helps in everything that you eat.

fried food

6. Say no to fried food during these nine days. So no fried Makhane, sago vadas or peanuts please.

7. Eat only one meal cooked. The rest should be raw food in the form of fruits, salads and some dairy.

8. Drink plenty of water, and that means one glass of water every hour. Try to have warm water all day.

9. In the evening don’t eat in a big thali, choose a small plate to serve food to yourself. That will help you control food portions.

10. The final and the most important rule is to listen to your stomach. The moment you feel your stomach is ‘almost’ full, stop eating. Don’t even think of finishing off that last half bowl of even that veggie or raita you made. Keep leftovers in refrigerator and have the next evening.

You can easily lose upto two kilos in these nine days if you sincerely follow these rules.

Navratri Diet and Walk Plan For Weight Loss

Start your day with two glasses of warm water. If you don’t have acidity problem then you can add one tsp lemon juice to it.

Go for a half an hour walk in the morning and talk to yourself during that time about your decision to lose some weight in these nine days. It really helps and makes you more firm and motivated.

After Walk

Have your morning tea or coffee without sugar. Have 6 almonds with it (soaked overnight will be better).


apple milk

A mug full of milk and an apple chopped fine and mixed with a slice of paneer (not more than 20 gms) grated on top. If you want a burst of taste early in the morning then you can add a few pomegranate seeds to it.

Snack 1

Mixed bowl of fruit (watermelon or musk melon and just half a banana.) Green tea without any sweetness added for energy.

fruit bowl snack


100 gms of yogurt with one apple, few slices of banana, a few seeds pomegranate, half pear mixed in it. If you wish you can make a thick smoothie with all these things added with a lot of ice.

Do spot walking for 1000 steps

fruit smoothie

Evening Snack

A cup of tea. It can be green, herbal or normal any you wish to take. Have four almonds or one walnut with tea.



A cup of spinach soup or any other soup made at home. Please don’t strain away the fiber, as it will keep you full. A plate of steamed vegetables like slices of carrots, cauliflower, added to chopped tomato red and yellow peppers and capsicum.

cucumber yogurt

100 gm thick yogurt with grated cucumber.

Don’t forget that after dinner walk for minimum 20 minutes.

Before sleeping

A cup of hot milk without sugar with four almonds.

milk almonds

So that is it, there is no reason for you to feel hungry during any time of the day as you will be eating five times a day.

Hope you lose weight during Navratri.