How To Maintain Weight During Festivals



How To Maintain Weight During Festivals

With Christmas and New year approaching soon, I am not scared about weight gain this time. Being away from family upsets us a little but on the other hand, we are glad that I won’t be gaining weight unlike previous years celebrations.

Sweets, namkeens , sugar laden juices, cold drinks, chocolate …phew never ending list of vices that make us FAT !

How To Maintain Weight During Festivals

How To Maintain Weight During Festivals

I am listing a few tips from my personal experience –

1. Say Noooooooooooo , a big one ;). Your relatives and friends would be taken aback for a few seconds, trust me they would later feel glad you did not eat the sweet which later was utilized to serve someone else 😉

2. Increase the intake of anti-oxidants like Green Tea, brown rice.

3. Increase negative calorie foods in your meals. Read about them here.

4. Don’t skip you workout. For every sweet that you eat, 15 minutes extra on the treadmill :P. This will discourage you from eating more sweets.

5. Do not stock sweets. Instead, pass the sweets that you receive as gifts. Money saved and health too 🙂 !

6. Be different. How many people will remember the sweet box that you gift them ? How many people will remember the cold drink that you served them ? NONE. Gift paintings, diyas, bedsheets – there are hell lotta options ! Makeup is also a wonderful gift option, Ana are you reading this 😛 ?

When people use your gift in they daily chores, they remember you every time they use it.  Serve home made less sugary sweet and neembu paani or Lassi , it shows warmth and hospitality !

7. Portion Control – I won’t say don’t eat sweets, after all Diwali is pomp n show , yeah :). Eat responsibly, period !

8. As soon as Festival is over, distribute everything you have in your refrigerator amongst your maid, servant, driver, security. They need sweets more than us.

9.  Laugh and enjoy a lot :).

Hope you have a happy, healthy and safe Diwali 🙂 !



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