How To Stay Hydrated During Winters?



Staying Hydrated During Winters!

During winters, we always refrain from drinking water compared to what we do in summers when we drink more of water. However, our body does not adjust to the water needs and it requires the same amount of water every day irrespective of the season or the temperature outside. So, we might not feel thirsty but not having enough water could add to our problems and make us suffer.

If we do not have enough water, we might end up losing on our metabolism and problems like skin troubles, dryness, constipation etc. crop up and make things worse for us. To this effect, one must do whatever it takes to keep the body hydrated.


How To Stay Hydrated During Winters?

The first obvious thing to do is to drink water at regular intervals and maintain the limit of 8 glasses of water every day. Not many people know that we can check our hydration levels right in our home or office wherever we are. If you are unsure, check the color of your urine next time, if it’s clear, you are fine, if its darker in color, you are dehydrated. See, it’s this easy to know if you are drinking enough water or not. One must sip on to water at regular intervals and believe me it inculcates as a habit in one or two days and you start feeling thirsty on your own.

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One may also sip on to hot beverages like green tea or hot water with lemon and honey. These two drinks are not only good at keeping you cozy on a chilly winter day but also increase the urge to drink water after sometime as they dry your throat enough in sometime that you hog on to water yourself.

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Eating hydrating fruits like strawberries, broccoli, cucumbers, pears, carrots etc. can keep you hydrated too and your water intake also is counted. These fruits and vegetables are naturally rich in water and thus having them in plenty during winters keeps your body fit and fine with proper water intake and contribute to your target of 8 glasses as well.

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One must, however, avoid too much of caffeine and alcohol during the season as it dries out your body from inside and starches all hydration. It actually has the capacity to dilute the amount of water you have added to your body drinking it directly or having those fruits and vegetables as mentioned above. Thus having too much of coffee, tea or alcohol could take your entire effort to zero and make your body go down the drain with no hydration at all. I know it is the ending of the year and we are all in party mood but we could definitely give up on the alcohol intake to limit it to a little less to ensure our body stays fit and we enter the New Year with a new resolution to stay fit.

Also, drinking too much of coffee or tea and even aerated drinks can add to dehydration of our bodies which may ultimately affect our own health leading to unnecessary problems. So in order to avoid it, it is better to limit our own intake and making a healthy lifestyle our norm and resolution during the coming year.

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Having things within limits is however allowed as life may get dull and boring without them as well. But yes, we should always remember that excess of everything is bad!

What do you do to remain hydrated during winters?

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