I Don’t Have Time



I Don’t Have Time.

I Don't Have Time… that’s the thought that wants to fight me during my 30 day expansion commitment every dang day.

“I do not have time, I should be doing XYZ” seems to be a loop that’s always running… but when I reflect on how I WANT to live now 50 and beyond, it’s more experiences, being present, more fun, more connection, more gratitude and more joy.

But what about the “no time reality?”

Yesterday was day 11 of my expansion challenge and I did not have an activity or visit planned. And I actually didn’t know how I’d fit one it… I’d been sharing that it doesn’t have to be “big expansions” it could just be small changes and it was time to create that. So I moved a less important work call (knowing that it wasn’t actually time sensitive and would not move my business forward.)

And then after I did that, an additional call cancelled… voila… a small gap was created.

My initial workaholic personality brain tried to fill it with more “work” (the to do list never ends right?) but instead grabbed my daughter and said “hey let’s go grab a quick lunch at the beach”

A great present convo with her.

And then just 20 minutes in nature at a park near by (that I drive by a lot but never stop at… WHY?!)

Watching the waves, smelling the ocean, and feeling the wind reset us and reminded me of WHY I am committed to these 30 days of expansion.

Just like I teach with goal achievement,

We have to stay FOCUSED on the vision

Lunch with Penand less on the circumstances and jump on openings and opportunities when they present themselves.

Less email got checked by me taking that break but I am 100 % positive that the memories from yesterdays break made more of a positive impact on my life then the emails checking ever would have.

Now some of you reading this already have that voice popping up… (thinking it’s COLD where I live, I am not near a beach, my kids not home schooled, I do not work from home, etc…) those may be realities but they are also circumstances. WHATS THE POSSIBILITY you can create? Take 10 minutes to play in the snow? Visit a local park for a few minutes? Cook a new recipe for dinner TOGETHER with your kids after school?


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