If you had a crystal ball for 2021, would you take a peek?



Whew, 2020 is over! Goodbye. So long. Good riddance.

It’s safe to say we’re all relieved to have closed the books on 2020. It was rugged, that’s for sure. Like everyone else, I’m pretty ecstatic to see it over and done with.

We should probably be wary of putting too much pressure on 2021 to be more than what is actually attainable though. It might not be the complete reset year we want it to be. If only…

The first week of the new year has already reminded us (like we needed reminding) that we are still oh-so vulnerable (on many fronts) and continue to face what at times feel like insurmountable challenges.

Just days into 2021, it’s hard not to already feel let down.

Still, hopefully 2021 will be better. Lots better. Or at least somewhat better. At this point, we’ll take somewhat better. Just please, not worse.

Having said that, for some it will not be even somewhat better because loved ones are gone due to Covid-19, cancer and many other reasons.

When things do improve for most of us, we can’t forget those who are grieving (due to whatever sort of loss) and those who will be from here on out.

This particular juncture in time causes me to reflect upon how one year ago we were all still in the dark about this particular virus that caused such havoc and heartache around the globe. That, in fact, it continues to cause both.

Were we really so oblivious to such a potentially lethal threat last January?

Would you have wanted to know last January what was ahead for you, for me, for all of us?

Just think how different things might’ve turned out if we had been even a little bit more prepared for a global pandemic.

Hindsight, as they say, is always 20/20. (Don’t get me started on failed leadership at the top.)

This idea of having a crystal ball with which to gaze into one’s future has always intrigued me. Perhaps this is due in part to my BRCA2+ status of which I came to know about too late to take meaningful action that might’ve made a difference. (Long story.)

I’ve written about this crystal ball topic before, and this feels like a perfect time to revisit it.

So, again, would you have wanted to know what the future held last January, or any January, for that matter? (Such as your cancer year diagnosis January?)

As 2021 begins to unfold, would you want to know what’s in store this year?

When I look back on 2020, there was a lot of unpleasantness, to be sure. But the whole year did not suck. There were good things. There were bad things. There were hard things. There were easy things.

Sure, this is true every year. But 2020 was way out of whack. A balanced year it was not.

It was also a year that exposed us, or rather things about us were exposed. Our inadequacies as individuals, communities and a nation were made glaringly more apparent. (Of course, it spotlighted some good things about us too.)

Disparities were always there, of course, but the pandemic made us see things we’d grown accustomed to looking away from. Crises tend to do that.

It’s also noteworthy, to me anyway, how platitudes creeped into the conversation in 2020.

For example, how many times did you hear things like, we’re all in this together?

Yeah, that’s sorta true. It’s also very much not true. Again, the disparities are real. They always have been.

The above-mentioned platitude reminds me of all those cancer and grief platitudes, which for the most part, are pretty unhelpful. Mostly, they’re just annoying.

You might want to read, The Unspoken Half of Those Platitudes.

Getting back to that crystal ball question…

If it were possible, would you want to know what the future holds for you in 2021?

I suppose if you can’t change the trajectory of your future, there’d be no point in knowing it.

Hmm. Is it better knowing than not knowing about something when there’s not much, if anything, you can do with that knowledge? But, what if you could do something with it? Guess that’s a topic for another day.

Still, I would’ve wanted to know last January what was in store for us, and I would want to know what’s ahead this January and beyond as well.

So yes, if I had that crystal ball for 2021, I would likely take a peek.

What about you?

Happy New Year, Dear Readers!

May 2021 be kinder to us all.

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Do you wish you had known last January what the future held?

If you had a crystal ball for 2021, would you take a peek, or no way?

If yes, would you want to know just the good, just the bad or both?

If you had a crystal ball, would you take a peek? #newyear #holidays #happynewyear #future #pandemic
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