Indian Vegetarian Low GI Recipe: Stuffed Gram Flour Chapaati



Indian Vegetarian Low GI Recipe

Stuffed Gram Flour Chapaati

Hey everybody,

How is your work from home going? I am having a blast, trying various kinds of recipes, and doing single pot cooking. I am trying various kinds of flours too. Today here is something interesting I tried Stuffed Gram Flour Chapaati.

Here I am sharing this recipe with you which can be had as a low-calorie snack too. Best part of this recipe is, that it requires only 1 spoon of oil for the preparation.

Indian Vegetarian Low GI Recipe

Stuffed Gram Flour Chapaati

For the filling:

The filling should be prepared first so that you can fill it into freshly prepared hot cornflour or gram flour chapattis.


  • 1 onion
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1-2 small bowls of peas
  • spices and a teaspoonful of edible oil.


  • Boil the peas. I use frozen ones when out of season.

Indian Vegetarian Low GI Recipe

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  • Now we start with the cooking part. Add one teaspoonful of oil preferably in a non-stick pan.

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Note that we should not cook food in non-stick utensils whose coating has been removed somehow; that is harmful to health as the metal beneath reacts with the food.

  • When the oil starts heating up add the chopped onion and tomato. Add spices- turmeric, salt, cumin, and other ones as per taste. Stir occasionally till the onions turn golden brown. The preparation is similar to the cooking method used for any other normal Indian vegetable. 

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  • Now add the boiled peas and mix well. Cook by keeping the lid on the pan for the next 2 minutes so that the flavor goes well into the peas. 

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  • Now that is your prepared filling which you can keep aside until we prepare the corn flour chapattis.

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For the Maize flour/ gram flour chapattis:

You can use either maize flour or gram flour for this. Gram flour has a better taste and is preferred by most Indians while corn flour yields stiffer chapattis and has a very different taste than the former. Try both and see what suits your taste buds. I generally make gram flour chapattis in this recipe but this time I wanted to experiment with a different taste.

  • We have to knead the dough first. For that, we would need 2-3 bowls of flour or you may adjust as per your requirement.

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  • Add water and bishops weed (ajwain) to the flour and knead the dough.

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  • That is how we want the kneaded dough to look. I have added chopped coriander leaves as well.

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  • Keep a round ball of dough in the center of clean cotton cloth. You can also use a polythene sheet instead. Press against the surface of the dough to get the desired shape of the chapatti.

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  • Place these on an already heated flat pan (preferably non-stick). Flip 2-3 times carefully or it might break.

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  • When the chapatti is prepared, place it in a plate, fill with the pea mixture and fold. Now, cornflour or Maize flour chapattis being stiff do not fold neatly; they are bound to break into pieces while folding. Chapattis prepared with gram flour will fold easily and will look more aesthetically sound while serving.

Indian Vegetarian Low GI RecipeYou can relish this as an evening snack or may even have it in breakfast. Peas have endless health benefits. Corn flour and gram flour both are high on health and low on calories and GI. People who use wheat flour alone as a part of their daily diet, for them it will be an added variety on the nutritional front and a break from wheat. Also, since it requires only 1 spoon of oil, you know it is not high on calories. At the same time, these are quite filling too; I cannot have more than 1 in the evening time.

Relish and let me know how you find it.

Until next time, take care!

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