Injury Free Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners



Weight Loss Workout Plan
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Weight loss workout plan for beginners to stay injury-free

There had been many such occasions when I suffered an injury while trying to work out beyond my comfort zone. Now that made things so serious with me that I had to be away from all kinds of pressure on my neck and feet. That meant no weights and not even walks for months altogether. Injury while following a weight loss workout plan for beginners can be a very serious matter that needs to be addressed. We all begin working out to stay fit but at times due to lack of awareness and guidance, we end up creating health problems. We injure ourselves due to ignorance and carelessness.

Today let us talk about a few precautions that we need to take care of to stay away from body injuries. I have learned these things over a period of time and then applied them in my life. I was lucky to be successful in staying away from injuries since then.

Most injury-prone body parts

Let me begin with which body parts are most injury-prone. Also, we talk about that while working out what preventive measures one must take care of in order to prevent these.

Ankles, knee joints, heels, upper and lower back, shoulder joints and neck, hamstrings, and hips are the most vulnerable body points for any beginner to be careful about.

Effective accessories that help prevent workout injury

If you are a beginner then you need to be aware that there are certain mandatory along with few optional accessories that can help you avoid injuries while working out. I have suffered personally and learned it hard way. If you take care of wearing the right kind of safe accessories, then you can never have any serious injuries. Still by chance if you get injured due to negligence, then because of these you will be able to recover very fast.

Sport Shoes are a mandatory accessory as one must never exercise in any flat shoes or slippers. Shoes need to have a good cushion, not a thin base. Your sport shoes must have cushioned yet flexible base. Nowadays all big brands make especially foam-based shoes for running purposes. These shoes are a bit expensive but surely long-lasting. It is always better to keep health your first priority. Remember if you rupture or break any tendon or joint, surely you will end up paying multiple times the cost of what you would have spent on a good pair of shoes.

Injury free Weight Loss Workout Plan for beginners
If you take care of wearing the right kind of safe accessories, then you can never have any serious injuries. Photo by Martin Katler on Unsplash

Wearing a pair of good shoes will always keep your heels, ankles, and tendons safe. If you have any doubt and are not very sure about how to choose your sports shoes for your particular kind of workout, read here.

Knee cap support is an optional choice of accessory to save your knees from undue pressure while exercising. Workouts like jumping or running or deep squats, lunges with decent or heavyweights also require good knee support. People who have had previous injuries must use a pair of knee cap support to protect joints.

Ankle Support is another important yet optional accessory to use for beginners to stay injury-free while following their workout plan for weight loss.  We have seen many beginners complaining about ankle pains. If you have ever suffered an ankle injury in the past, you should buy a pair of good-quality ankle support. These are really helpful but keep in mind to buy lighter ones so that they can fit in your shoes.

Heel support is optional yet a must for you if you suffer from heel pain due to any reason. I always use a pair of silicone gel cushions to secure my heels while walking.  I bought a real soft, fitting easily in my shoes, and believe me it really relaxes my heels while working out, walking, or doing all kinds of exercises.  If you have pain in your heels, I would surely recommend you to use these supports.

A gym belt is for those fitness enthusiasts who have lower back pain. It helps in preventing back problems like slipped discs. Know that if you into doing free weight exercises, then you might not need it. Do not buy a heavy one because a lighter in weight gym belt is easy to carry and adjustable.

I hope you must have liked these few pieces of equipment and would not at all forget to use them so as to avoid injury as you begin your workout plan.

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