Inside Out: NHS Dentistry Discussed



Inside Out: NHS Dentistry Discussed 1

In this latest instalment of Inside Out: NHS Dentistry Discussed, Practice Plan’s Nigel Jones and British Dental Association chair Eddie Crouch give their viewpoints and look back on the challenges the dental industry has faced over the past year.

The knowledgeable pair will look at how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the industry. As well as covering how it is still impacting the industry today.

They will also explore the changes that are coming in the industry. And the potential future of NHS dentistry in 2021.

In this busy time for the dentistry industry, the pair will also analyse the proposed NHS contract and how the industry is still coping with the big impact of COVID-19.

Looking ahead to 2021, Nigel and Eddie will also chat about what is on the horizon in the coming year. Along with other topics that the industry is talking about right now.

The future of NHS dentistry

To watch and find out Eddie’s unique viewpoint on the current situation in dentistry, then you can sign up for the webinar.

The Inside Out webinar series focuses on the big issues and challenges in dentistry. It brings you news surrounding the future of NHS dentistry.

Throughout the webinar series you will hear opinions from guest speakers who work on the ground and within the industry. As well as from NHS dentists, who come together to form a balanced and informative insight into current affairs.

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