Inspiration- Keeping Going Despite Multiple Heart Issues



Inspiration- Keeping Going Despite Multiple Heart Issues 1

This month the story in the American Heart Association’s Journal “Stories from the Heart” was particularly inspiring for me. Chris Mathews has overcome multiple life-threatening challenges related to his heart health, including double bypass surgery, 11 stents implanted over the years, a pacemaker later replaced by an implantable cardioverter defibrillator, and aortic stenosis cured by a new heart valve (you can read the details here). Despite these he continues to eat heart-healthy and stay active. His doctors think the fact that his challenges continue despite the healthy lifestyle are probably due to genetic predisposition (his grandfather, father and one brother all died of heart attacks) but he is still doing much better because of his efforts. As someone who has undergone his own heart-related challenges, this is close to home for me and motivates me to try harder to follow a healthy lifestyle myself.