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I’ve discussed various ways to motivate us to get fit in previous posts. This is especially important in these unusual Covid times when people have been restricted in some of their options like going to gyms. I came across an interesting new approach from a Colorado fitness site: the lose your lockdown love handles challenge.

Whatever it takes 🙂

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MARCH 2021
Fitness site offering $13,000 to Colorado residents keen to lose ‘lockdown love handles’
Three-quarters of Americans have gained weight during lockdown*, leading a health and fitness website to offer Colorado residents the chance to get paid to lose their ‘lockdown love handles’ and document their progress, comparing popular methods. The lucky candidates will be paid up to $13,000 to strictly follow a plan for a minimum of three months and must commit to tracking their journey publicly on the company blog, video diaries, and social media.  
A leading online platform for health and fitness advice is offering Colorado residents the chance to get paid to get rid of the ‘lockdown love handles’ they gained during the quarantine.
The platform,, is looking to test the effectiveness of the most popular diet and fitness regimes by recruiting four people to lose any weight gained while they were in lockdown – publishing the results after twelve weeks.
According to the CDC, four in ten (40%) of Americans are classed as obese, and at least a fifth (20%) of adults are obese in all 50 states*. In addition, a survey of 2,000 members of the public revealed that three-quarters of Americans (76%) claim to have gained 16lbs during lockdown*. will pay each candidate up to $13,000 for the role, in a bid to prove the quickest and safest ways to lose post-lockdown weight. Each candidate will test a different popular weight-loss method, including calorie counting, the KETO diet, strength training, and increased NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis – where basic activity levels are increased outside of exercise).
Colorado residents can apply to take part in the challenge here:
Candidates must be over 21, live in Colorado, and have a BMI 30+ with no known pre-existing health conditions. Successful applicants must also have a doctor sign-off on participation in the program. The role is for a minimum of three months and a guaranteed salary of $8,000 with an additional $5,000 available in milestone bonuses.
The four participants must publicly track their progress in a series of video diaries, blogs, and social media posts and be willing to submit regular photos, measurements, and weight readings for’s expert team to analyze. is a one-stop-shop for those looking to get fit, build muscle, or lose weight. provides informative guides about different types of supplements, the best foods to eat for different fitness goals, and how to develop an effective workout routine with the best equipment.’s goal is to help its users learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle by spending less time in the gym.

Tyler Sellers, fitness coach, said,
“This pandemic has changed people’s lives in ways we would never have imagined. With gyms closing for months, to not being able to leave you home for weeks on end, it makes sense that even normally fit and healthy people will have struggled with unintentional weight gain since March.
“Ensuring the tools for a healthy lifestyle is accessible to everyone is something that we are passionate about at Obesity has been an issue even before the pandemic, now some people may feel a little lost about how to tackle those lockdown love handles.
“We know there’s a lot we can do to support people in their new weight loss journeys safely and effectively and we’re excited to get the first applications in.”