Interval Training For Mental Health; Let Us Do It.



Interval Training For Mental Health; Let Us Do It.

Interval Training For Mental Health
Interval Training For Mental Health , Let us do it., Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Hey dearies,

How are you all doing? Don’t you think the winters have set in a little earlier than usual this year? I really feel so especially after having a bad bout of viral fever. In fact this weather is something that I love to do workouts and walks in but this time something is really happening. I had planned to restart my workouts almost a month back but due to so much of traveling and illnesses in the family, I have yet not been able to do anything. Actually too exhausted to do so. Recently I have also realized that howsoever careful you are, mental health needs to be kept on a constant cautious watch by you yourself only. Since a long time I had been doing the same with the hep of Interval training. Let me talk about Interval Training For Mental Health. So what are we waiting for, Let Us Do It.

I had previously also shared with my readers my Intervals’ schedule and I don’t know how many of you had actually started following that but I have found that there is a need to discuss the benefits, risks and safety tips while doing Intervals.

How To Get Maximum Weight Loss Benefits From Intervals?

One of the best things I like about intervals is that it doesn’t have any hard-and-fast rule. Do it any way you want and you will be benefitted. There was a time when I could hardly walk two kilometers in more than an hour, and when I began to try intervals in walking by walking slow, fast and faster in short burst of 2 minutes each, my confidence began to build up.

Along with increased speed and stamina, I took up a bit of jogging in between. Now this too began with a few jogging steps to a few minutes in between. Basically as we all know it is all about the bursts of fast and brisk walks / runs. I have never been to a gym but if you are the one who goes regularly to a gym then you must add intervals to your gym routine once a week to burn more calories and build more fitness. You can easily include Intervals in your running, jogging or even walking schedules if you happen to be a regular with the fitness routine.

Benefits of Intervals

  • Better calories burn as it becomes a more vigorous exercise than the regular walk.
  • Improved aerobic capacity as when we include intervals in our routine our cardiovascular fitness improves making us able to exercise longer, and better.
  • No special equipment required so one can easily modify routine by adding short bursts of faster walking, jogging or running.  Some good peppy happy music is all that one requires.

Taking a look at all these benefits the best one that gets benefitted is the mood. A good walk with slow and fast rotations can help uplift any sullen mood. I personally feel that intervals help me in coming out of my different mood changes.

All you need to do is that after a warm up, increase the intensity for 30 seconds and then resume normal pace. The ongoing bursts of more intense activity lasting for two to three minutes can change the game for you as it would increase oxygen in the body with a spurt of adrenalin rush enabling the happy hormones to kick in.

How to have a safe Interval Training session…

A few things we must keep in mind before starting with Intervals.

  • Always begin with a warm up walk before starting intervals or you will damage your muscles.
  • Do not overdo. It’s good to push but don’t over push.
  • Build the repetitions slowly over the period of time. Start with one or two then increase over the next few weeks.
  • Bring your heart rate down to 100-110 bpm during the rest interval.
  • To improve, don’t attempt everything in one go and then end up full of stress.
  • Train on a smooth, flat surface to ensure even effort and wear proper footwear.

Life brings in ups and downs and a wise person is one who tries to live up to every kind of situation. Remember it’s always good to be cautious about exercising.  It is your life which you get only once. Be safe, Love life – live life 🙂