Is Instagram Against Black Body Positive Models?



Is Instagram Against

Black Body Positive Models?

Yesterday morning as I opened Inshorts, my quick news mobile app, I saw this beautiful picture of a black model Nyomi Nicholas. What confident and body-positive image it was but the details under the picture were heartbreaking. Take a look at that picture…

Instagram against body positivity

Those of you who are following Instagram and body positive posts on the internet must be aware of how the pictures of this beautiful woman were deleted by Instagram. With that, there emerged a new hashtag trending #IwanttoseeNyome.

If you ask my opinion, I have never seen any other picture of a black woman oozing with body confidence and positivity. No wonder when this picture was posted by the photographer the fans went crazy with comments like “stunning” “Beautiful” and “worth being in a gallery”. And then the Instagram played nasty by deleting the picture within a few hours of being posted. Not only that, Nyome Nicholas-Williams, but the model was also given a warning for her Instagram account to be shut down.

While her followers and proponents of Body Positivity revolted against this decision, the model herself felt let down by this act and commented while talking to The Guardian, “Millions of pictures of very naked, skinny white women can be found on Instagram every day, But a fat black woman celebrating her body is banned? It was shocking to me. I feel like I’m being silenced.”

Yes indeed it was shocking for me too who had never ever seen Naome’s pictures earlier and now as I checked her Instagram account it was a treat by itself.

While the people like me who are working on self and others for being Body Positive were not so happy, Alexandra Cameron, the photographer accused Instagram of having double standards. She complained of a disconnect between its so-called positivity regarding Black Lives Matter and targeting of its black content creators.

The question about the fact related to being Body Positive is…

Is Instagram against black body-positive models?

Earlier Instagram CEO also had agreed that Instagram social media platform needs some amendments in the areas under question like “Harassment, Account verification, Content distribution, and Algorithmic bias”.

Anyhow all is well that ends well finally the Instagram feed related to the above-mentioned model was reinstated but left many questions behind related to the bias against fat people.

Classical Indian womanCan we deny the fact that the Indian women have been known for the fuller bodies as depicted in the ancient sculptures? Over the period, there has been a craze among women especially to be skinny or size zero so to say. In order to achieve such goals, many of them develop eating disorders and even physical injuries.

I have been through most of these health issues during my weight loss journey so can vouch for the fact that there is just one life and we need to understand that if you are active enough to look after yourself and your near and dear ones, be happy. It is your confidence in yourself that will matter ultimately at all phases of life.

We must remember that each one of us is an individual. Our joys, sufferings are part of our individual journey. There is no need to change for others if you don’t want to. The same people who once admired you for losing weight will be the first ones to rip you off the moment you decide to choose happiness over your depressive weight loss journey.

Be a winner in spreading good vibes and smiles. Live life and spread cheer all around you.

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