Is There Any Butter Brain And Krishna Connect ?



Is There Any Butter Brain And Krishna Connect?

Today is Janmashtami. I am a big fan of Lord Krishna… Oh! yes, I deliberately used that word Fan. I will explain why. As a child, my mother used to narrate all kinds of stories about Lord Krishna. Over the period I realized that I was feeling deeply connected to Krishna as my friend philosopher and guide. It won’t be wrong that ‘He’ helped me in all difficult phases of my life through the wisdom ‘He’ applied during the Mahabharat, not to mention the ‘Gyan’ he gave all of us through ‘Bhagwat Geeta’.

One thing more I loved Krishna for, was his love for butter. I always had an excuse to enjoy it,” Kanha loved Makhan, God cannot do anything wrong.” LOL, I was good at emotional exploitation since childhood, giving all credit to my Krishna. His convincing powers to have his tactfulness always attracted me.

Butter Brain And Krishna Connect


Look at those beautiful shining eyes and glowing complexion… I am sure it is because of the Makhan he used to consume. What!! Do you think I am joking? No, that is one huge truth that butter is an excellent food for your eyes and skin. Not only this, but it is also known as God’s food as it is anti-aging due to its Vitamin A and enzymes. Butter is also packed with the essential mineral selenium, a potent antioxidant along with vitamin E which helps to smoothen out the skin and keeps it healthy and elastic giving it a healthy glow.

My granny used to tell that in olden times people used to borrow money to have a teaspoon of butter and ghee on a daily basis as they believed that it strengthens the body as well as the immune system. Thus for poor people consumption of butter was all the more important as it meant more strength to do physical work. Let us see in today’s world how good or bad butter is.

Healthy calories

Butter is undoubtedly a high-calorie food but a teaspoon of butter is the most beneficial calories for health. One Tbsp of butter has about 102 calories so the trick to eat butter yet stay slim is to keep an account of calorie intake. Another proven fact is that white butter contains lecithin, which is a substance that helps in the assimilation and metabolism of cholesterol and other fat constituents. This makes the fat to break down and use it more efficiently, ending in effective weight loss. If you are on a Low Carb diet then you must consume butter as it satiates cravings making you feel full.

Lubricates the joints

Butter is manna from heaven for all those suffering from joint aches. It helps in the production of compounds that lubricate joints, as it increases the lubrication between joints which helps in reducing the pain associated with the condition.

krishna and butter

Boosts immunity, helps cancer patients and eases ailments

The molecular structure of butter helps in retaining vitamin A and D, calcium and phosphorous. All these constituents are helpful in providing boost to immune system.  I remember my grandmother giving white butter as a remedy for ear and throat infections. And how can I forget my pregnancy days when I was told to eat white butter daily empty stomach ,” Baby will be fair and soft skinned.’ And I used to laugh it off. But later I realised that mothers-to-be must eat white butter during and after their fourth month of pregnancy as it helps in nourishing the growing child and helps ease labour pains.

Butter is said to help fight cancer as it is packed with CLA or conjugated linoleic acid along with short chain and medium chain fatty acids that have anti-cancer properties.

krishna brain and butter

The brain booster

The molecular structure of butter is such that it helps pass through the layers of otherwise impermeable tissues of the brain. It transports the nutrients to the brain and takes away wastage, making the brain give a boost for optimal function.

Butter is one food that helps develop the brain and nervous system in kids as it contains Arachidonic Acid (AA) that plays an important role in brain function, development and the maintenance of healthy cellular structure.

Not only this butter has a unique form of vitamin D that is absorbable and essential for the proper functioning of the synapses. Synapses is a particular portion between two nerves that helps in information movement in the brain. In childhood when the kids’ brain is still in the developing stage, butter gives the perfect nourishment to the brain to grow to the optimum level.

Now have you understood, how come my Krishna managed the whole grand show of Mahabharat in such an intelligent way 🙂 His each and every move during the war was the best example of a super-intelligent brain. Playing the right card at the right moment he made Pandavas win the losing game of power.

So, if ever anyone tells you to stop consuming white butter, remember that white butter especially the homemade one is the best thing to happen to you ever.

Do you feel that butter brain And Krishna have some deep connection?

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