Is what you are eating helping or hurting you



Are the foods you eat helping  THRIVE? Or are they hurting you?

Just because a food is “approved safe for human consumption” does NOT mean that it is good for you or that it will help you THRIVE. Artificial sweeteners (like sorbitol, sucralose and aspartame),  food colorings , fillers, and hydrogenated oils are all labeled “safe for human consumption” but they do nothing to increase your focus, your energy, your healing or your health.

On the other hand, foods in their most natural state do more than just nourish us. They heal us, they help us prevent things, they improve our focus, our energy and our pain.

Is what you are eating helping or hurting you 1

Ask ANYONE with an auto immune disorder, ADHD, dealing with hormone changes or with chronic pain who TOOK ON this way of eating and they will share with you how this changed things for them

Why do so many FIGHT to prove that unprocessed junk is “good for us?” Why are we arguing with nature?

Think about this…

What “research” do you really need to see to know that an APPLE is better for you than a snack with 30 ingredients that you can’t define?

I am shocked as of late to learn about accounts and people basically calling out people that talk about “natural food” as being shams. Really? Is this where our world has gone?

There are SO MANY people struggling with pain, illness, unhealthy weight that they want to release. Eating more natural real Whole Foods can help tremendously.

Is what you are eating helping or hurting you 2

Natural foods are GREAT. Any SNACK or treat you want can easily be made from wholesome ingredients.

If you are struggling with pain, focus, weight, etc… PLEASE try this way of eating on. Just ask yourself, did it once grow and is this something that can help me thrive.

What we consume can help us if we choose wisely.

-Natalie Jill


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