Just look here – temperature sensing kiosk gives staff and patients extra confidence



Just look here – temperature sensing kiosk gives staff and patients extra confidence 1

Giles Corbett introduces the Ksubaka Temperature Sensing Kiosk. He explains how temperature sensing is providing staff and customers with a level of confidence when attending their dental practice.

As dental practices begin to get to grips with stringent new working practices, providing a level of assurance to patients and staff is critical to establishing an environment that is safe.

One way of addressing COVID-19 trust (and certainly only forms part of the solution) is to take the temperature of patients and staff.

Government guidelines highlight that an individual running a high temperature is an indicator of a virus. Again, we must stress – a high temperature check is only an indicator that the person in question is ill. Dental practices should include face masks, hand sanitising and social distancing as part of best practice.

Temperature sensing

Like many practice owners, Dr Paul Cunningham immediately saw the benefits. Temperature sensing provides staff and customers with a level of confidence. Confidence the practice is doing everything it can to offer a safe environment.

However, he was also aware that there were many sub-standard products on the market. These either didn’t deliver accurate temperature readings and/or ran buggy non-GDPR compliant software. Temperature reading guns didn’t generally sit right. They also require a member of staff to administer the checks, which again wasn’t a satisfactory option.

A mutual friend introduced Dr Cunningham to the Ksubaka Temperature Sensing Kiosk. This is a contactless standalone unit that is pre-configured to work out-of-the-box.

The patient or member of staff simply presents themselves in front of the kiosk and a traffic light style reading shows on the screen in under one second.

‘Both patients and staff welcome Ksubaka’s contactless Temperature Sensing Kiosk (TSK). We initially tried temperature checking handheld guns. But they proved both inaccurate and intrusive.

‘As a well-designed standalone unit, the Ksubaka TSK gives our patients and staff the confidence that we are doing all we can to keep them as safe as possible.’

Dr Paul Cunningham, practice owner, Farnham Road Dental Practice, Guildford.

Specifically important for Dr Cunningham and his practice is that the Ksubaka Temperature Sensing Kiosk is GDPR compliant, easy to use and is approved for use as a medical device by the EU.

Ultimately, dentists need to find the right balance of adhering to the government and industry guidelines in order to provide a safe working environment for their staff and a comfortable visit for their patients. COVID-19 won’t go away anytime soon. With that comes an expectation that we are all as safe as possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ksubaka’s Temperature Sensing Kiosks please contact us here.

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