Kickstarting intermittent fasting during COVID-19 lockdown! Rethink.



Kickstarting intermittent fasting during COVID-19 lockdown!

Wait…it can be a bad idea.

Intermittent fasting is the style of eating that includes having food at certain time limits and this has gained popularity in recent times pertaining to the health benefits it has. If you are still planning about ‘Kickstarting intermittent fasting during COVID-19 lockdown!’ Rethink… This might not be the right time to do it. Here we tell you why…

intermittent fasting during COVID-19 lockdown

As per the current situations due to the nationwide lockdown, people are forced to self isolate themselves with people hoarding the groceries, it is not the right time to start fasting. The need of the present hour is that we should strengthen our immune system. If you are looking forward to fasting then make sure you keep yourself hydrated and ensure eating at regular intervals.

Why Fasting is not a good idea right now…

It is observed that if you are used to munching snacks all day and suddenly you go into the fasting zone, this can be harmful for your body. A hormone known as Cortisol which is linked to stress, metabolism, blood sugar can rise too much. The scenario prevailing right now in the country is already pretty stressed and we don’t want to increase the pressure on our minds, right? The side effects could include

  • inability to  have proper food and

  • increased blood sugar levels.

If you are fasting for longer periods for time then it might result in low blood pressure that can rise to high levels when you actually have food.

Affect of fasting on mental health…

Fasting also has an effect on the mental conditions especially when someone is practicing disordered eating. Disordered eating followed by fasting can result in anxiety. Unhealthy obsession with food is what we might get into.  

Also, it is not completely clear whether fasting can actually boost our immune system or not. Some say that practising fasting can help reduce the chances of getting prone to infections. This is mainly because it is related with cleaning up of the body, however there is completely no evidence that it prevents us from coronavirus.

Instead of following such things that we are unsure about, we should focus on the guidelines provided which include social distancing and washing our hands properly among the important ones. This is the way in which we can actually help flatten the curve or in simpler words reduce the risk of community spread of coronavirus. As far as immunity is considered what can be better than eating healthy and having adequate sleep in that regard.

If you are still planning to kickstart intermittent fasting during Covid-19, give it a second thought.

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