Kids Club News: June 2021



Kids Club News: June 2021 1

Hello Kids Club Families!

This month’s newsletter is all about Under the Sea. We are deep diving into the ocean to learn more about how to protect it! 

We are also preparing to reopen our Kids Club locations in the coming months, stay tuned for more information on your club’s reopening date. We can’t wait to see you and your little ones again!

With all of our gratitude and appreciation,
The Chuze Fitness Kids Club Team

If your local Kids Club remains closed, not to worry! You won’t be charged Kids Club dues until we’re up and running again.


June Craft Calendar

Kids Club News: June 2021 2


Snack Corner

Under The Sea Fish Snack by

Kids Club News: June 2021 3


  • Large rice cakes
  • Blueberry yogurt
  • Goldfish crackers


  1. Pour blueberry yogurt into a bowl.
  2. Add a VERY small dab of blue food gel. Mix until well incorporated and the desired color is achieved.
  3. Spoon yogurt onto the top of a rice cake and spread evenly to resemble a pond.
  4. Lay goldfish crackers on top of the yogurt mixture.
  5. ENJOY!


Banana Dolphin Snack by

Kids Club News: June 2021 4


  • Banana (Not peeled)
  • Grapes
  • Blue Jello


  1. Cut the banana in half, then cut the stem to resemble a mouth 
  2. Make eyes & add grape to “mouth” to make it look like the dolphin is playing with a ball
  3. Stand banana up in blue jello to act as the body of water
  4. ENJOY!


Ways we can help save the ocean!

  • Using less plastic products 
  • Picking up trash (with protective gear!) from a local beach/park
  • Be mindful of water usage 
  • Use trash cans with lids
  • Recycle appropriate items

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Inclusivity on Father’s Day

Books for children:

  • Baby’s First Words by Stella Blackstone
  • The Family Book by Todd Parr
  • Two Dads: A Book About Adoption by Carolyn Roberston 
  • Baby Dance by Ann Taylor
  • Peek!: A Thai Hide-and-Seek by Minfong Ho
  • Girl of Mine by Jabari Asim
  • You Made Me a Dad by Laureene Sala
  • Shopping With Dad by Matt Harvey

Inclusive Ways to Celebrate Parents and Families by VSB Diversity:

  • Help children focus on what they have, not what they don’t have, by looking at the range of caring adults in their lives.
  • Find out from children or their families the language they use to talk about their families. 
  • Read books with students that feature many kinds of family structures

Inclusive Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day by VSB Diversity:

  • Make sure that you talk about the different people in your children’s lives who could receive any cards or gifts children might create
  • With older elementary children, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can also be used as an opportunity to look at gender stereotypes. 
  • For younger children, steer clear of activities that involve gender-stereotyping – like making cards shaped like ties for Father’s Day.
  • Recognize that there may be children who have lost a parent or whose parent is absent, and difficult emotions may come up if you celebrate Father’s Day.
  • The key is to be sensitive and help those children who need it, so that they do not have to handle challenges alone.


Under The Sea Activities

  • Create a sensory bin with sand 
  • Make a water coloring painting of the ocean
  • Baby Shark dance party! 
  • Make a plant based meal with your family 
  • Make a card for a loved one to celebrate Fathers Day 
  • Create “matching fish” flashcards to play with!

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What do sea monsters eat?

A: fish and ships!


What did one tide pool say to the other tide pool?

A: Show me your mussels.


What’s the most popular TV show in the ocean?

A: Whale of fortune!

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