NA-KD + Know Your Lemons Team Up For October Raffle & Donation!



NA-KD + Know Your Lemons Team Up For October Raffle & Donation! 1



NA-KD launches a lifesaving collaboration

during breast cancer awareness month: a charity

campaign with the global organisation, ‘Know

Your Lemons’

NA-KD takes action over October in order to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Together with the non-profit charity Know Your Lemons, the goal is to educate people

about breast cancer signs and symptoms which many are still not familiar with. To fund

their work, NA-KD will donate 10% of every net bra sale over October directly to Know

Your Lemons and organise exclusive giveaways and raffles for all of their followers.

With an aspiration to draw attention to Breast Cancer Awareness month over October, NA-KD

teamed up with the non-profit charity Know Your Lemons, an organisation which educates

people around the world by creating and sharing accessible infographics that detail the

symptoms and signs of breast cancer. Using different shaped lemons, they compare them to

breasts affected by cancer; not only like lumps and bumps, but also the less obvious changes in

colour, size and shape.

“For us at NA-KD it is completely a given to be involved and support the important work Know

Your Lemons does, this is a partnership we are very proud and happy to be a part of. Together,

we contribute to more people surviving cancer, “ says NAKD’s Global PR Manager, Julia Alqvist.

Know Your Lemons have also created an award-winning Breast Health Breast Self Exam App

that tracks your period, talks about the 12 signs of breast cancer, early detection, customizes

your screening plan, prepares and books your mammogram.

To support Know Your Lemons lifesaving work, NA-KD will support their work by donating 100K

SEK. Over the month of October, there will also be giveaways and raffles on social media and

10% of every net bra sale over October will be directly donated to Know Your Lemons.NA-KD

will also be encouraging customers to download the new “Know Your Lemons” breast health

app designed to educate with a twist of lemon for early detection.

“To improve early detection, it’s critical for us to work with strong brands that are willing to invest

in women’s health,” said Dr. Corrine Ellsworth-Beaumont, Founder of the Know Your Lemons

Foundation. “We are so pleased to be working with NA-KD who is supporting our work in such

an impactful way through financial support and leveraging their network to make sure as many

customers and employees are educated as possible about the symptoms of breast cancer. It’s

truly a lifesaving collaboration!”

This lifesaving collaboration is one of the most important for NA-KD and will start the 1st of

October. With great honour, NA-KD is looking forward to being a part of the journey towards

educating people and saving lives together with Know Your Lemons.

The launch date for the collaboration is: October 1st

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About Know Your Lemons Foundation

The Know Your Lemons Foundation was established in 2017 by designer Dr. Corrine Ellsworth-

Beaumont after losing two grandmothers and a close friend to breast cancer. Using colorful,

memorable visuals using lemons as a metaphor for breasts, the #knowyourlemons campaign

has reached over 1 billion people around the world, in 31 languages becoming the most

successful breast cancer campaign globally. Their “Know Your Lemons” breast health app won

a coveted Webby Award nomination, and is launching a new version October 1st that assesses

breast cancer risk, creates a custom screening plan, teaches self-exam and sends reminders

timed to an individual’s body. More information can be found at

Know Your Lemons Media Contact

Aysha Strawn, | 801-410-0231 | |