Out of office – Kunal Patel on a passion for cricket



Out of office – Kunal Patel on a passion for cricket 1

This weekend we speak to Kunal Patel about his passion for cricket, difficulties in finding a work-life balance and his love for a KFC Zinger burger.

Please introduce yourself

Based in Surrey, England, born in north London. I am husband to Lucy and father to my 12-year-old step daughter, Keira and two-year-old son, Kyan.

Also owner and founder of Love Teeth Dental since 2014.

Claim to fame was my selection as the poster boy dentist for the NHS 111 campaign, which is still running nationwide in GPs, pharmacies, hospitals and dental clinics.

Recently I was invited to speak on behalf of dentists on the BBC during the COVID pandemic.

My parents have always been hard working. Both recently retired, Dad was a shop keeper and my mother owned a building company. I got my social qualities from my father and the ‘anything is possible’ mentality from my mother.

Both gave me the quality to want to work hard. I believe easily earned money doesn’t stay. Hard earned money is the money that is important.

What do you get up to in your spare time away from dentistry?

When I’m not working in the clinic or on business growth I am spending time with my young family.

Living in a joint family with my parents, there is never a dull moment or time to rest.

If not at the clinic doing DIY jobs on my days off, I am home trying to fix the boiler.

I am a very family-orientated person, and put all my energy into leaving a legacy for my children.

Are you a foodie? Why and what particular food do you go for?

When it comes to food I am not fussy one bit. However, my friends will tell you that my dream meal is a KFC Zinger burger with a slice of Dominos Texas BBQ pizza between, dipped in some butter chicken sauce from my local curry house.

I enjoy my Lucy’s special ‘Mandwhich’ just as much as I do a fancy meal at Sexy Fish, Mayfair with some good wine and friends. Panasian is the trend at the moment.

Are you into any sport? If so what sport and why did you get into it in the first place?

I love all sport. However, other than being a Manchester United football fan, my biggest love is for cricket.

My dream job is playing professional cricket. I try to play whenever I get the chance. Whether that’s in my garden with my dad or at the cricket nets with family and friends.

My aim is to get fit and playing well again so when my son Kyan grows older I can hopefully pass my love for the sport onto him. Leading him to play for England one day. No pressure!

I grew in love with the game from my dad. He loves the game and would play with me and my cousins whenever possible. I guess having an Indian background, it is sort of in my blood.

What type of television/movies do you like – any guilty pleasures?

I am a TV/movie junkie. I have watched every TV show worth watching. When cinemas were open, I would go whenever possible.

My love for TV shows came whilst I was studying dentistry in the Czech Republic from 2005-2010. With no English channels on TV, we only had American TV shows to download and watch. This included having to watch Eastenders via webcams with our families back home.

I love a superhero movie. This led me to using a superhero theme in some of my lectures I present to other dentists.

Do you like to travel and do your hobbies take you anywhere in particular?

Love travelling. But I am the guy hiding under the sun umbrella or running around the resort. Not like my other half who enjoys sunbathing.

I have dreamt of one day owning a caravan or Motorhome and driving into Europe with my family enjoying it in the back.

Why is it important to have hobbies away from dentistry?

I believe you can be one of two types of dentists – a clinical dentist who is best suited as an associate, or a dentist who loves business suited to be a principal.

Both are high pressure jobs. They are reliant on other humans, and humans are often the most difficult part of a business. They come in the form as colleagues, but also patients.

So it is very important to get the correct work-home balance for mental wellbeing. I feel I am still yet to master this.

I often speak and train regularly for dental companies (Align, Inivsalign, Itero and Mini Smile Makeover) and have been invited to speak by other companies also.

My niche is business and team growth in a modern clinic and the story of Love Teeth Dental.

This is a rewarding break from the normal work life and a way to give back and socialise.

I am a keen car enthusiast from a young age. My mother has always enjoyed luxury cars and my dad is the opposite. I am definitely more my mothers son.

I currently enjoy driving daily a Lamborghini Huracan Performante.

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