Late Fall Ride



Autumn is just about at it’s peak now, I checked it out yesterday on a ride. Fall starts late for us but will go on into December. As I’ve mentioned previously, we don’t have spectacular hillside displays like back east in this area. There are some nice panoramas in the high country in the Sierras above 4000 ft elevation or so, for example of aspen groves. But here we mostly have urban trees. But they are still nice, like these Japanese maples in our little backyard:

Late Fall Ride 1

We do have some natural rural trees like Bailey Acacias, Big Leaf Maples, and Sycamores. Here is a Sycamore grove nearby:

Late Fall Ride 2

And we do have panoramic views of vineyards:

Late Fall Ride 3

We also just got our first decent rainstorm, if this keeps up the hills will start turning green soon, which I’m looking forward to.