Life of Kai | Watch Red Bull’s Epic New Series About Big-Wave Surfer Kai Lenny



Kai Lenny is one of the most prolific watermen on the face of the earth. While he is well-known for his fearless big-wave surfing at spots like Jaws, Mavericks and Nazaré, Lenny can do a lot more than chase big waves.

Whether it’s standup paddling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, shortboarding or his latest obsession––foiling–––Lenny does it all very well. But the 28-year-old waterman doesn’t mince words when it comes to his ultimate goal: “The goal is to be best big-wave rider on the planet, bar none.”

His journey to pursue that goal has been a wild one.

To provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the imagination, athleticism and bravery of Kai Lenny, Red Bull TV produced a thrilling five-part series––Life of Kai. The series is centered around the 2019-2020 big-wave competition season and tracks Lenny’s globetrotting quest around the world as he pushes the limits of big-wave surfing.

Check out all five episodes of Life of Kai with our exclusive early-access screening.

Life of Kai – Episode 1

Life of Kai – Episode 2

Life of Kai – Episode 3

Life of Kai – Episode 4

Life of Kai – Episode 5



Insane GoPro Footage of Kai Lenny Getting Crushed By Massive Waves at Nazaré

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