Lifestyle Changes To Ease Irregular Periods



Lifestyle Changes To Ease

Irregular Periods

Hello Beautiful ladies,

Today my post is about how to treat irregular period cycle with ‘Lifestyle changes’.

Lifestyle Changes To Ease Irregular Periods

Few months ago, I consulted gynecologist for my irregular periods, I remember  she was telling me about lifestyle change. I did not give a thought over it rather thought tablets can just cure me. But I was completely wrong.

In another few months, I bloated (put on 8 kg in 6 months), suffered from reflux disease, headaches (almost everyday) and what not ! Then I met a gynecologist from Bangalore and I learned about lifestyle changes that can do miracles.

Lifestyle Changes To Ease Irregular Periods


time to change

Lifestyle change” has two major things to consider:

  • Diet
  • Exercise

This lifestyle change is not something you have to do for the sake of irregular   periods or obesity. Ladies !! if you think logically, we have arrived at this point (may it be PCOS, thyroid issues, obesity)  because of some basic flaws in the routine that we follow. We have to just set right our routine.


Your diet should consist of food item which reduce Testosterone(male hormone) level. As increase in testosterone level will greatly affect menstrual cycle. So include the below food in your diet

diet indian weight loss

  • Fibre rich food like whole wheat, oats, dates, cabbage.
  • Green and yellow vegetables
  • Calcium and Vitamin D rich foods like milk, yogurt, spinach
  • Avoid sugar. (I mean excess sugar like in candy) to keep your insulin in check.
  • Avoid oily foods like samosas, french fries, deep fried cauliflower/ chicken
  • Avoid junks like burgers (contains refined flour / maida), sodas


Weight loss is the most important thing you can do to lower your testosterone level

Lifestyle Changes To Ease Irregular mensus

  • Start with a brisk walk, then jogging.
  • Play some outdoor games like tennis, vollyball
  • Join a Gym. Look out for a gym with experienced trainers. I will tell you ladies, trainers can really help to educate & motive you (its worth paying few extra bucks for a good gym)

What worked for me

Following the below routine, I have definitely got rid off irregular periods, weight gain, head ache and reflux.

  • Firstly, I consulted a Gynecologist. She had given me tablets.
  • 1 hour of aerobics. I do not miss even a single day. Earlier when I just started off, I did push (push push..)myself to the classes. When it became a part of my routine, I don’t feel compelled or bad or lazy anymore.
  • I stopped having junkiees. God !! I wonder how I did it. So I complement myself once a week with the food I love. (I keep it to a limit)
  • I include Oats / Ragi everyday either for my breakfast or dinner
  • Everyday, the first thing I have is a spoon of dry powdered Amla with warm water. Read the benefits of Amla here.
  • I increased the level of water consumption.
  • I don’t miss any of my meals. I felt craving/ dieting made me have large quantity of food at the end of the day.

So Ladies, I hope I have given you few tips of handling irregular periods.

I have got over it !! You can also do it ! Keep up the motivation.

Until I catch you with another post..Take care..Ta ta.

Girls – If you need more details on Testosterone, scream aloud :). I can share the details of my supplement.

P.S – I have high Testosterone level which is just not good enough to demotivate me 😉 – Luv, Tarun

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