Weekly Link Love — Edition 90



Weekly Link Love — Edition 90 1

Research of the Week

Animal protein beats plant protein for seniors who want to retain strength and daily functionality.

Workouts make music sound better.

Mineral water rich in magnesium sulfate can help against constipation.

Kids and teens with depression should definitely be exercising.

Low-dose alcohol is beneficial for mice.


New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 434: Brett Lloyd: Host Elle Russ chats with Brett Lloyd, a carnivore coach who fixed a ton of health issues by going meat-only.

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 69: Laura and Erin chat with Dr. Stephen Cabral about how genes are not your destiny.

Media, Schmedia

This is rather tragic. Are we heading in this direction?

South Africa bans alcohol to reduce alcohol-related hospitalizations and free up space for COVID-19 patients.

Interesting Blog Posts

Smaller farms, more biodiversity.

A Navy SEAL’s take on MovNat.

Social Notes


Everything Else

See? Pork heals.

The changing role of livestock in agriculture.

It’s not just sugar.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Phrase I liked: “Feral grapevines.”

Interesting important article: Have we been thinking about pain all wrong?

Sad to see: The rise of “broken heart” syndrome.

A topic that’s endlessly fascinating: What happens right before and after you die?

Scenario I’m imagining: Crafting and relying on bone tools for basic daily life.

Good news: It’s much harder to catch the coronavirus from inanimate objects than previously thought. And in gyms.

Question I’m Asking

Read that article on Korean loneliness culture. Do you think that’ll be the trend for the rest of the world?

Recipe Corner

  • Chunky monkey ice cream bon bons.
  • Mexican style prawns.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jul 11 – Jul 17)

  • Collagen vs Whey: Which Protein is Best For Your Needs?  – Which whey should you go?
  • Tips for Doing Keto Without Dairy – Is such a thing even possible?

Comment of the Week

“The guy I buy my beef from has cattle that live their entire life on his ranch, and eat only grass and hay except for some silage in winter that he also grows organically on his ranch. He plays music for his cattle in the barn, and when he takes them to slaughter takes them two at a time in his trailer, playing the same music as in the barn. When he arrives at the small processor, he drops his cattle himself as he’d never entrust that to anyone else.
I buy a quarter of a cow for about $900, or I think about $8.50 a pound.
Small processors abound and more and more of us are seeking them out.
We grow many of our own vegetables and everything else we buy local whenever possible. I have a masticating juicer and drink intense amounts of greens, of course along with my well-designed supplement regimen.
At age 69 I have been low carb for almost 23 years and keto for almost 3 years. Yesterday morning I did a 41 mile road bike ride in Colorado where I live, fully fasting. I hadn’t eaten for 16 hours at the start of the ride, and averaged 16.5 computer average speed, riding alone in heavy breezes.
I don’t even think about food on rides. Even at 10% bodyfat I have plenty of fat to burn.
Keto rocks.”

– Greg’s doing things right.

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