Living in Van Gogh



Living in Van Gogh

Van GoghFAILURE after FAILURE while discovering one’s passion is nothing unique to us… then we were INSIDE the paintings yesterday and Van Gogh’s mind.

I’d never been to an IMMERSIVE art gallery experience and this was a perfect for day 18 of my 30 day expansion challenge.

Not sure if you are familiar with Van Gogh but he only became famous after his tragic death in 1890.

Like many creatives, he was SO TALENTED but struggled with failures, feeling like he couldn’t live in his passion, depression and self care.

Van GoghHis work is magical and his art is brilliant.

This immersive experience yesterday has us really feeling a part of his world.

Once again, I did not know what expansion I’d do in my already crammed day lol, but I learned about this one hour immersion exhibit and jumped on it!

What an awesome break from routine to experience.

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