Local Bike-Hiking Adventures



A couple of days ago I biked over to Barnard road, one of our steeper local roads that I like to walk up for a challenge. It’s a good pace if I get up it in less than 15 minutes pushing the bike. I set a new PR of 13:10 that day, which felt great.

I then rode to the park at the base of Anderson dam and hiked up the Serpentine trail to the top of the dam, pushing the bike, and then across the dam to the trail to Rosendin point.

Local Bike-Hiking Adventures 1
Partway up Serpentine, looking west. The fog is just burning off over Morgan Hill.

This is further up Serpentine, looking Southeast, with the top of the dam visible in the center and Rosendin point to the right:

Local Bike-Hiking Adventures 2

On the way home I threw in some intervals on the bike. A great workout on a nice day, totalling about 3 hours.

I haven’t done as much serious hiking during the shutdown so I’m working on my uphill walking. Yesterday I did several of the steep roads on the flanks of El Toro in West Morgan Hill. This is on the way up West Main, with the fog lifting over El Toro:

Local Bike-Hiking Adventures 3

The morning fog, which is the marine layer from the Pacific that gets pulled in when it is hot inland, has been doing a good job keeping us cooler the past few days. Even though I talked in a recent post about the benefits of training in the heat, I must admit I prefer it when it’s cooler!