Make patient finance work for you, take the broker out of the equation in 2021



Make patient finance work for you, take the broker out of the equation in 2021 1

Gordon Sutcliffe explains how dental practices can take back control and offer more affordable patient finance deals to their patients.

Take the broker out of the equation

It’s sold to you as the easier option, to have a broker. But what comes with that is high broker fees, limited control and restricted functionality.

Take the broker out of the equation and take back control to access better pricing, a direct relationship with the lender and a service that looks after your patients as well as you do.

Subscription economy

You’ve heard it before, and it’s not going anywhere. Actually, the ‘subscription economy’ is thriving more now than ever before.

We are so used to paying monthly for everything now. From gym memberships to mobile phones and online video streaming. This year is the year for making products and services easier to access and more affordable. And it’s important not to forget your patients in this.

Offering patient finance with the right direct provider can really help you grow your business, increase your patient reach, and your brand.

Even when treating the more traditional patient, having finance options at your disposal in the practice or for the patient to consider at home is a powerful tool. Using a finance calculator with your patients helps them to understand how to make expensive treatments affordable. As a result, this can help you increase take up by breaking the cost down into monthly payments.

Working in partnership

Partnering with V12 for your finance offering means our friendly team of experts will work with you to make sure you maximise the benefit to your business. We will show you how you can use finance to reach those new patients and increase the treatments you provide.

We know that time is precious when you’re running a business. So we keep things simple and make sure everything fits around your practice.

With the search for dental finance increasing each month, we know it is what your patients want to take the pain out of paying.

It’s time to make finance work for you. Take out the broker fees, choose the products that work for you and then be safe in the knowledge you’re partnering with experts.

Make it simple for your patients

A finance calculator, a fast track application form, and contactless signing. That’s all you need to make finance the easiest payment option for your patients.

Start the New Year with new finance with V12 Retail Finance.

Not sure if you’ve got a broker that could be making your finance more expensive?

Get in touch and we’ll let you know. Visit or call 02920 468918.

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