Making a success of virtual consultations


Making a success of virtual consultations 1

Martina Hodgson will discuss how to implement and make the most of virtual consultations in your practice in this free-to-attend webinar.

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Dr Martina Hodgson.


Wednesday 7 October, 7:00pm (London time).

What’s involved?

Are you curious about new ways of bringing care to your patients?

Book your seat to Dr Martina Hodgson’s webinar on 7 October. Learn everything you need to know about new technologies in your practice.


Gerd Leonhard, noted futurist, rates among the top 100 influential speakers cited by Wired magazine. When talking about the future of dentistry, he foresaw a world in which patients would talk with a virtual dentist to begin the treatment journey.

His prediction came true earlier than expected due to the pandemic.

The biggest surprise was the high level of satisfaction reported from patients. They also said: ‘This would have worked at any time’.

So, it is fair to say the shift towards remote care is here to stay and become the new norm.

Through this session you will also learn how to:

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