May Educator of the Month: Marta Sobanska




Marta is a biologist/ecotoxicologist from Poland, who works at the European Chemicals Agency in Helsinki, Finland. She was 46 when she noticed a dent in her breast. She attributes her early diagnosis to the 12 Signs of Breast Cancer image from Know Your Lemons and has now made it her mission to educate those around her as a KYL Global Educator. Here is her story:

“When I saw the image of the beautiful and juicy lemons, showing the 12 symptoms of breast cancer, I was amazed by the idea and I had no clue that this picture and the Know Your Lemons campaign would save my life.

A year later, when I noticed a dent in my breast, I remembered the image of the lemons and I knew I needed to go to the doctor to get it checked. 

I was shocked because there was no history of breast cancer in my family and I was not ticking any of the ‘typical’ risk boxes.

My doctor said it was likely nothing, but because of the knowledge I had through Know Your Lemons I advocated for myself and got referred for a mammogram. 

Marta from Poland, living in Helsinki, Finland

Marta from Poland, living in Helsinki, Finland

Since then my life became a series of positive coincidences and I knew that I needed to take each chance, I needed to fight for my life! Due to the holiday season, the next free slot for a mammogram was available 3 weeks later, but the lady from the laboratory called me the next day, saying that someone had cancelled and that they were waiting for me.

Two weeks later, I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. Then, due to some problems with my private insurance I couldn’t immediately be put into the public health care system and I found the most amazing private oncological clinic with professional and friendly staff and advanced treatment methods. There they explained to me that my cooperation and involvement in the therapy was crucial in the treatment. Their kindness and professional attitude made me believe it to be true.

I was able to avoid chemo because my cancer was caught early. After the operation and radiotherapy I fully regained mobility in my arms and shoulders thanks to my yoga practice. I realised it was finally time for me to start living fully and I became my own best frien

Through this experience I can say that early detection really can save lives. That is why I want to help women understand how important it is. Too many women also still think that only a lump means breast cancer. That really needs to change! That is why I am now a Know Your Lemons Global Educator, making sure others can take charge of their breast health and feel empowered too!”

Marta is now not only a KYL Global Educator, but she also helped us translate our material into her native language Polish! This will make it easier to teach the women in Poland about early signs of breast cancer and how to self-exam without language barriers. She is also currently training to become a Yoga instructor and plans to develop a special exercise plan for women after breast cancer surgeries.

We are so glad to have you on board, Marta!

If you want to help us spread breast health awareness like Marta and educate those around you, apply to become a Know Your Lemons Global Educator here