Meditation in Motion- While Not Going Anywhere



I blundered into this last August during our wildfires when the air was bad, and I had to do more indoor exercise on stationary trainers. It actually can be quite relaxing if you do it mindfully. The rhythmic motion can automatically focus and relax your mind. And unlike outdoors, it is even safe to close your eyes (I’ve actually been tempted to do this once in a while on my bike outdoors when I’m in a relaxed groove, but fortunately fought off the temptation).

I first noticed “stationary meditation in motion” while doing my indoor kayak trainer that uses resistance bands. Then I got my stationary bike, and I get the relaxing feeling even more on it. I try to do at least 10 minutes a day mindfully on either one of these. This is surprisingly enjoyable for me because I’ve never been a big fan of indoor training. Most people seem to have to distract themselves with music, videos, or a group exercise class to get through it.

Meditation in Motion- While Not Going Anywhere 1

My indoor gym in the garage plus the stationary bike are also great in bad weather. I can go out in pretty inclement weather if I bundle up enough, but if I’m not in the mood I have an alternative. I must admit I don’t always do so mindfully indoors. Sometimes I’ll watch a video or tv for a longer session.

On another front, my PT exercises for my sciatica are working nicely. I seem to get the aching that goes down the back of my right leg less often and it is less severe. I especially like the “figure 4 exercise:”

Meditation in Motion- While Not Going Anywhere 2

You need to be careful that this causes no knee discomfort, it is just supposed to rotate and flex the hip, which gives the piriformis a good stretch. They are also having me do a lot of hip-area strengthening exercises. I guess if I keep the muscles in this area well-toned I’m less likely to strain the piriformis in the future.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and happy boxing day to my UK and Commonwealth readers.