“Meta physical” effect of “Physical exertion” on coronary plaque



Is sudden, unaccustomed, physical exertion a trigger for plaque rupture and an ACS ?

Yes, it is, but don’t get apprehensive. The underlying risk factors, plaque burden, and its morphology matter much to result in a coronary event.

What is the mechanism?

Plaque morphology,  the lipid core, the shoulder region’s eccentricity, the crystallization of cholesterol lay the foundation. The Isometric component of stress surges Intra-coronary pressures and facilitate vascular injury.  Endothelial dysfunction leading to erosion and subsequent acute total thrombotic occlusion is a well-known response to stress. Currently, spontaneous coronary dissection secondary to unaccustomed stress is increasingly recognized to be a culprit.


plaque fissure and exertion physical and mental exertion and plaque

Which is more dangerous? Mental or physical stress* ?

No one can answer this query with certainty. The combination of both can prove deadly in vulnerable patients. The final common pathway for both physical and mental stress seems to be the same. Adrenergic toxicity at the cellular level.

* Mental stress-induced primary electrical events (CPVT/ Inherited channelopathy ) are unrelated to plaque destabilization that is often confused with ACS in many SCDs.

What are the natural protective factors to stress?

Coronary autoregulation,stress-busting hormones like endorphins , natural anti-fibrinolytic systems do play a role. Human beings experience infinite episodes of mental stress in their lifetime. Only a fraction (of a fraction ) result in ACS. It is obvious , there must be some major invisible protective factors. One may call this as metaphysical force ( scientific equivalent to fate ?) operating on a particular plaque to destabilize it.