My Yoga Experience and Weight Loss



My Yoga Experience and Weight Loss

Hey Girls,

As the temperature goes down, it gets a bit difficult to do workouts early morning outdoors. It is better to do exercise indoors in winters.

Here, I will discuss how I got into yoga and how yoga helped me in losing weight and getting me a more flexible and toned body.

My Yoga Experience and Weight Loss

I wanted to learn yoga and practice it regularly from the day I got few yoga classes in school as extracurricular activities as I loved the way how easily I was doing all those asanas as compared to others and the attention I was getting :P.

I searched for few yoga classes but found it quite costly, so I decided to stick to my evening walks and a little bit of exercise. I was a bit lazy to get up early in the morning for walks and exercises 😛

It was September 2012 that is last year; I started morning walks as my dad insisted me to go for morning walks rather than evening walks to get fresh air. So I thought to give the morning walk a try and started moving in the district park of my area. I saw many yoga groups in the parks, where a number of people from every age group perform yoga and there was an instructor with each and every group from a particular institute. Those yoga groups made me think about yoga again but I was too shy to do yoga in the park.

After few days I decided to join the group, that group includes only middle to old age people, but I wanted to join yoga so I did. The first day, I was a little nervous about whether I will be able to perform yoga asana as I did years ago. But I must say the group and instructor encouraged me, helped me a lot with asana, and appreciated me when I did asana correctly. 😀 I just love that group for support. 🙂

We started with few stretching exercises of arms, hands, and full-body, included some exercises for the neck and back to reduce the stiffness and those with neck problems like me get relieved with those exercises.

After 15 minutes, started with asana the first asana was Suryanamaskar, and then performed various asana for various body parts and each asana is performed to cure some or other ailments too, I was getting all this information through the instructor. Few asanas were especially for weight loss. Another asana included was Dhanurasana, Halasana, Trikonasana, I am not good at remembering these asana names, I find it difficult. 😛

It took an hour to perform all asana, as the asana has to do in low intensity and 1 min of rest is done after each asana. When these asanas got finished we started with meditation and breathing exercise as this is a part of yoga and is good for mental health and plays an important role in relaxing the mind. Exercise like pranayam, Anulom-Vilom, others. In which full concentration was on breath, how to inhale, how to exhale n all. It took 15mins.

So my session of yoga was of one and a half hours. I felt so good at end of the session, so relaxed, energetic, and seriously I was feeling fresh the whole day. I was so much impressed that I felt happy to wake up early in the morning for another yoga session, I could not believe myself nor did my parents, when they saw me waking up early in the morning on my own. 🙂

The effect of yoga can be easily seen on my face, in my body. I lost 2 kg in 2 months, I know the weight loss is not much but I felt good about myself, and everyone was asking me the reason behind my toned body 🙂

The weight loss in yoga is a bit slow but it is permanent, and as soon as you stop yoga, those extra pounds will not come back even if you just check on your calories without exercises, but that does not mean you stop yoga after you achieve your targets.

For the last 2 and half months, I am on bed rest because of a ligament tear on my foot, that’s why I am off from workouts but I am missing yoga a lot. Yoga can make workouts so simple and once you start it, you will feel incomplete without it. I was the one who always ran away from workouts and being lazy around but yoga changed me. I will never get bored of it.

If you also love yoga do share your experiences and if you never tried yoga just go and try it out 🙂

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