National Coaches Day



Happy National Coaches Day! To celebrate we wanted to highlight some of our amazing coaches. We are thankful and lucky to have great trainers at all of our locations. Here are just a few of our fantastic coaches. We asked the coaches and those who work with them what makes them an awesome coach and why they are VASA!

Coach Breanna

“I got into fitness because of my parents. There’s these two quotes that they each say that I have adopted and learned to live by. My mother says “There’s Beauty in the struggle”. And my father once said, “Work hard and be kind, the rest will fall into place.” I work every day to be able to help people to the best of my ability. Fitness is a daily reminder that hard work and dedication pays off. There is beauty in the pain of life’s transitions that we all go through- whether that may be mental, emotional, or physical. But always leads to growth. as long as you stay positive, work hard, and be kind.” –  Coach Breanna, CO Springs

Coach Stephen

“It’s easy to see why Stephen is amazing at what he does, why his clients love him & why he is essential to what we do at A2. Stephen is genuinely passionate about helping people be their best selves. His energy is contagious, his integrity is unwavering, & he lives out our core values at work and outside of work. He is an amazing employee, friend, and father and I am grateful he is part of my team.” – Grace, Aurora

Coach Stephanie

“This is one of our VAWESOME Personal Trainers, Stephanie. Stephanie is a major asset to our team as her ability to connect with members and clients is excellent. One of her clients even said, “she is more than just a coach to me”. She comes into work every day with a positive attitude and a friendly smile (under the mask of course). When she isn’t at VASA she is working as a Cardiac Rehab Exercise Specialist at a nearby hospital. She UPLIFTs people regardless of where she’s at!” – Jordan, Wichita Woodlawn

Coach Shakeem

“Why I’m awesome and an asset to VASA” go together. My reason is I have a passion for fitness and improving people’s lives. So I take pride in coaching and I’ll never stop studying and searching for new ones to become a better coach. I motivate others through cheesy quotes and one-liners that people seem to love which is why people come to my class and give it max effort. Not only am I constantly motivating but I’m making sure everyone stays safe on top making Athletic members sweat hard while also making my de-conditioned members work hard but also feel welcome. A lot of people message on social media and tell me just me posting my lifting videos, mobility, flexibility, etc. it inspires them to wake up and do any type of movement which takes me to a quote I heard and have followed for a long time that I make sure to tell everyone I coach “Movement is Medicine”.” – Coach Shakeem, Wichita Georgetown

Coach Alix

“I am a product of my environment. I am both strong and genuine, like all of the people I surround myself with. People around me feel at ease with my extremely optimistic energy. I am the first to make a negative a positive. I motivate others by helping them understand how powerful and unique they are as an individual. Their strengths and weaknesses don’t make them who they are, their will does. People around me feed off of my never-ending bubbly energy and become more eager to do new things. I am an asset to VASA because I’m understanding and get people feeling confident enough to get out of their comfort zone. I love my fitness journey and everything it has become since working at VASA!” – Coach Alix, Phoenix West

Coach Grace

“Grace has recently been promoted to FTL at Thunderbird East as a trainer from another location.  We are just lucky to have her!  Grace has a kindness about her that is not only genuine but she has a way of making you just feel great about your day.  The members and employees love having her around and she is such an asset to this team.  It’s always a win to get a trainer like Grace who motivates others to be their best!!  Be like Grace! 🙂” – Vu, Phoenix East 

Coach Mattea

“I meet people where they’re at and help get them to places they didn’t even think were possible. The journey never stops- your goals may just change along the way. We’re all human, we all have our good days and bad; I’m here to keep you on track no matter what stage of the journey you’re in. So whether it’s in the gym or training at home, my goal is to keep you learning, moving, and always getting better.” – Coach Mattea, Phoenix West

Coach Denise

“Denise is amazing and has been with VASA for a few years. She is currently our GFSTL as well as cycle and core instructor, she commutes from Tooele to West Valley to specifically work and instruct at this location which we have been honored to have. Recently Denise has made the decision that she will be stepping down from the GFSTL position to focus on her family but will remain an instructor here. Denise is definitely the friend you always wanted, the mom you never knew you had, and the coach that will always bring the best out in you.” -Brenton, West Valley

General Manager Sean

“Take a limitation and turn it into an opportunity. Take an opportunity and turn it into an adventure by dreaming BIG!”

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