Navigating Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Leah Katz



Navigating Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Leah Katz

Navigating Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Leah Katz 1

Anxiety and Depression is a big deal in normal times. But, during quarantine, shut downs, changes and the fear or the virus and economy it is running rampant. How this affects adults and teens is eye opening.

Today, I have Dr. Leah Katz, Ph.D., She is a clinical psychologist practicing in Portland, Oregon. Originally from New York, she completed her doctorate training at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. While living in New York, Dr. Katz worked at a community clinic where she led several groups, treated individuals and couples in therapy, and taught at Stern College for Women.

She currently works in a group practice where she specializes in working with teenagers and women, with a focus on treating anxiety and depression, amongst other things. She utilizes a hybrid of cognitive behavioral, ACT, and mindfulness techniques in her therapy work. She has gone on several mindfulness retreats and incorporates mindfulness concepts into the therapeutic work she does. She also facilitates mindfulness groups for the broader community and gives talks related to mental health and wellness.

Dr. Katz is passionate about girls’ and women’s mental health, and helping women navigate challenges to live deeply connected and fulfilled lives. She is in the process of publishing her first book. She frequently writes for Psychology Today. You can find her on Instagram @dr.leahkatz, where she shares mental health related tips and insights.

Join in today and learn exactly how Dr. Leah Katz suggests leveling up and out of anxiety and depression during challenging times.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Where anxiety and depression comes from
  • How you can navigate it the right way
  • What you can do today to help


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