Neurescue: A mini balloon occluding device for cardiac arrest revival



CPR with BLS and ACLS is time tested method of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The automatic external defibrillator(AED) was a real breakthrough. Still, complete recovery eveN in “in-hospital cardiac arrest”  is at best 10-15 % . (Brindley PG, CMAJ. 2002. )Here is a technology in-progress story, now I understand FDA has approved this device for emergency resuscitation in cardiac arrest.

The principle is simple. In the early minutes following cardiac arrest, it is the survival of the myocardium and brain that matters. So, occluding Aorta transiently and continuing CPR infuses more life into the brain and heart, and the possibility of revival they say is significantly increased.

Mind you, this is not for the layperson or public but can become a game-changer for the ER crew and in ambulances or even in the cath lab. Emergency insertion of ECMO is never easy and a Neurescue balloon may come in handy in the meantime.

Neurescue: A mini balloon occluding device for cardiac arrest revival 1


The attraction is the simplicity of the device, just inserted through the femoral artery. Don’t know how successful we would be, in centering the collapsed femoral artery though. The balloon actually doesn’t really impede the lower limb flow.It senses and relaxes as and when necessary. 

Final message

The concept behind neurescue looks like a bedside emergency partial IABP-like (IABO-Intra aortic balloon occluder rather) but appears promising. What I understood grossly is, that potential extremity Ischemia is acceptable if it’s going to save a life! Also realize, it is not a magic device that brings back life in every cardiac arrest. It gives us more time to act so that we can do other measures to bring back circulation.