New and Noteworthy—What I Read This Week: Edition 137



New and Noteworthy—What I Read This Week: Edition 137 1Want to pursue a career as a Primal Health Coach? Or maybe you just want to really drill down and learn everything you can for your own personal knowledge? Enter the sweepstakes today for a chance to win free tuition to the Primal Health Coach Certification Course, a $4,495 value.

Research of the Week

Going meatless barely reduces carbon footprint, and that’s assuming all the meat eaten is conventionally raised in feedlots.

A high-fat, low-carb, high-protein diet with 2 days of fasting per week was safe for patients with brain cancer.

According to the labels, plant-based “meat” is the same as beef, but when you look more closely…

The genetic architecture of COVID susceptibility.

Animal protein beats plant protein.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 505: Alex Terranova: Host Elle Russ chats with Alex Terranova, the Dream Mason. Great name.

Episode 506: Microworkouts to Boost Fitness, Increase Daily Activity, and Prevent Burnout: Host Brad Kearns talks about the power of microworkouts.

Health Coach Radio: Dr. Tro is an MD who uses health coaches more than prescriptions.


Media, Schmedia

Strong link between brain cancer and cell phones.

Good sleep is essential for brain health and longevity.

Interesting Blog Posts

The developing story of humanity.

Mongongo nuts.

Social Notes

Nice summary of the fake meat versus real meat study.

Everything Else

Pre-sleep protein is fine for fat loss.

Spiders eat a lot of snakes.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

One does wonder: What’s the deal with ear wax?

Interesting older paper: The one where they treated soft tissue calcification with oral and topical magnesium.

Says it all: “…current evidence regarding the effect of meat consumption on health is potentially confounded.”

Interesting piece: How to build a small town in Texas.

Great story: The yogurt mafia.

Question I’m Asking

Will you eat plastic-fed cows?

Recipe Corner

  • Ful medames, an Egyptian fava bean dish.
  • Thai yellow curry with eggplant that’s vegetarian as written but can easily handle meat.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jul 3 – Jul 9)

  • Hunger and Satiety Hormones — Why are we hungry?
  • Is Avocado Oil Good for You? Benefits for Hair, Skin, Cooking, and More — Why you should use it.

Comment of the Week

“I believe you missed one key point Volunteering for a cause. The hours per week can be a few or you can do 40.”

-Yes, you are correct there, Jim.

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