New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 142



New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 142 1Research of the Week

Only one type of human fat cell responds to insulin.

After mechanical loading (lifting heavy things), muscle cells tell fat cells to release fat.

Less sleep for new mothers, faster aging.

Metabolic rate doesn’t have to decline with age.

Obesity may increase virality.


New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 513: Gina Swire: Host Elle Russ chats with Gina Swire, self-love expert.

Health Coach Radio: AdaPia d’Errico needs you in your purpose.

Media, Schmedia

Have you heard of zero-zero wine?

Out of fire, a new beginning for the land.

Interesting Blog Posts

Remember to remember.

Most strangers are decent people.

Staying gluten-free on the Big Island.

Social Notes

Looks like a creation myth.

Everything Else

I get it.

Anemia on the rise in children.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

It’s about time: Elite female athletes are changing their training and slowing down and getting stronger to heed the lessons of the female athlete triad.

Beautiful: Treesong.

Something I’ve long thought: I bet we’re underestimating almost every animal’s social skills.

Good opportunity: Peter Attia is hiring.

Bad for car quality, I’d imagine: Volkswagen internal employee canteen nixes meat.

Question I’m Asking

What do you think about the prospect of psychedelics becoming mainstream?

Recipe Corner

  • Grilled tamarind chicken.
  • Taco-stuffed sweet potatoes, great post-workout meal.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 7 – Aug 13)

  • 8 Ways to Deal with a Difficult Partner Who Doesn’t Eat Like You— How to make it work.
  • Male Menopause is a Thing. What To Do About It. — What to do.

Comment of the Week

“The article introduces psychopathy as characterized by by the presence of behaviors that conflict with the social norms of society, and I’m pretty sure anyone sufficiently primal fits that description.”

–I neither confirm nor deny this.

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