New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 148


Research of the Week

Compared to vegetable fat high in artificial trans-fatty acids (and a control diet), ruminant fat high in natural trans-fatty acids improves liver health, gut biome, and inflammatory status of lab rats.

Reasonable, accessible stack for COVID.

Selenium deficiency is implicated in viral myocarditis.

Energy compensation after exercise varies between individuals and may predict adiposity.

Too many omega-6 fats, increased risk of peripheral nerve pain.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 500: Mark Sisson and Elle Russ: Elle and I get together for the final Primal Blueprint Podcast. Elle is launching her own podcast, and the Primal Blueprint Podcast will become the Primal Kitchen Podcast, hosted by CEO and co-founder Morgan Zanotti.

Health Coach Radio: Dr. Ashley Lucas stresses that big change takes time.


Media, Schmedia

Good for Japan.

Why the Giant Sequoia needs fire.

Interesting Blog Posts

One hundred years of diet-heart research.

Was Mozart a shaman?

Social Notes

Corporate funding for the AHA and ADA.

Find your compass.

Everything Else

How many times have we heard about some “vertical farm” system that will render all other forms of farming obsolete?

Isn’t a “sword-wielding man dressed as a ninja” who attacks and wounds several Special Forces soldiers just a ninja?

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

This is why I suggest everyone spend at least some time in ketosis on a regular basis: It’s probably very good for aging brains.

Now this is a list of food for kids: What are the most nutrient-dense foods for kids in South and Southeast Asia?

Interesting article: A new story of the peopling of the Americas.

Curious study: What happens to patient deaths when doctors go on strike?

Powerful imagery: Different ways to reach 1600 calories.

Question I’m Asking

If the Giant Sequoia needs fire to grow, what do you need?

Recipe Corner

  • It’s about that time. Paleo apple crisp time.
  • One pot meals are extremely convenient. This creamy Tuscan chicken is no exception.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Sep 25 – Oct 1)

  • Why It’s So Hard to Ditch Grains (When Everyone Else is Eating Them) — Well, why?
  • What Are the Best Probiotic Strains?— What are they?

Comment of the Week

“I’ve definently experienced this but the other way around as a european travelling to the US. I felt like I was being rushed at the restaurant and expected to inhale my food in 30 min. Also I couldn’t really walk anywhere so I was basically sitting in a car or in a house(and felt terrible because of it). It felt so odd that if I wanted to go for a walk I had to first drive to a place where I could walk. And then drive back. I was also shocked when I bought butter for my bread at the grocery store and when I opened the butter it was WHITE. Snow white. The fat on the meat was the same. Snow white.

Given that this was just a snap shot of one place in the US but if I would compare that place(small town in Ohio) with my home town I can say for sure it is so much easier to live a healthy lifestyle in Sweden than in the US. I bet you can live well in the US too but it takes more effort(and probably more money).”

-I will respond to this in this week’s Sunday with Sisson.

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