New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 181



New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 181 1

Research of the Week

84% diabetes remission using an app.

The vast majority of “grains” fed to livestock are inedible to humans.

The Lipid Energy Model.

Fasting is well-tolerated and helpful in type 2 diabetics.

Could low-dose arsenic exposure be hormetic?

The combo of high fat and high fructose is particularly bad for glucose tolerance.


New Primal Kitchen Podcasts

Primal Kitchen Podcast: Becoming Unstoppable with Bethany Hamilton

Primal Health Coach Radio: Kayleigh Christina and Danielle Gronich

Media, Schmedia

New Zealand plans on counting (and charging farmers for) cow and sheep burps.

Nice coverage of a different path to weight loss than counting calories.

Interesting Blog Posts

Why wasn’t the steam engine invented earlier?

What’s American cheese, really?

Social Notes

Carnivore cereal.


It’s true.

Everything Else

Is Beyond Meat even more of a scam than we already knew?

Avoiding artificial fragrances is a no-brainer.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

The son also rises: Despite being discriminated against and having their estates taken, the grandchildren of China’s pre-revolution elite are doing very well for themselves.

I believe it: School shooting drills do little to increase safety but increase depression and mental unwellness.

Interesting study underway: What effect will exogenous ketones have in colon cancer patients?

Love the language here: Plant-based food stocks lack sustainable finance.

Interesting research: The origin of the chicken.

Question I’m Asking

How is inflation treating you?

Recipe Corner

  • Air fryer salmon with sriracha honey glaze.
  • Meatballs in creamy tomato sauce.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jun 4 – Jun 10)

  • Sprinting, Jumping, Losing Body Fat, and Cultivating Gratitude —What it’s all about.
  • Revisiting Sunscreen —All about sunblock.

Comment of the Week

“Re: dealing with food price rises… buying fewer of the “treats” that we really don’t need. Otherwise, doing what we’ve been doing. Eating up the cow we bought in November. Eating the eggs that our ducks lay. Eating greens most of the year from the garden or our attached greenhouse. Saving money elsewhere by heating with wood that we cut and split and powering the AC with solar panels on hot days. Yes, we are lucky but we made some of our luck.”

-“We made some of our luck”: exactly!

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