The impact of the late NHS UDA target announcement



The impact of the late NHS UDA target announcement 1

Nigel Jones and Eddie Crouch recently took part in an FMC webinar to discuss all things NHS dentistry. From the uplift in targets to what we can expect to see when contract reform arrives in 2022.

NHS dentists were left feeling anxious and in the dark as they approached the end of September. That’s when the 60% UDA activity target was due to end and a new target introduced. 

As the end of the month drew closer, the BDA insisted the silence from the NHS was unacceptable. It called for an announcement immediately. However, the news on the 65% target was only released at the 11thdata-contrast=”auto”> hour.

‘Cheesed off’

In this video, Eddie explores the late announcement and says: ‘It shows how unimportant dentistry is to the hierarchy within the NHS. They could have signed that off a week before it was released at the last minute. It was not acceptable. 

‘If you want to cheese off a profession that is already cheesed off – that is a pretty good way of doing it.’

If you want to watch the full webinar and hear Nigel and Eddie discuss a range of different NHS and dentistry topics – you can watch it on demand by going to NHS dentistry discussed: no change is not an option. 

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