Nice Sunset After the Rain and a Good Workout



We had about an inch of rain over the last few days, ending this morning. It was raining when I started working out this morning but ended by late morning. After the clouds had broken up we were treated with this sunset:

Nice Sunset After the Rain and a Good Workout 1

I did some strength training during my morning workout, followed by walking with hand weights and then with poles, and finishing with a bike ride. Very enjoyable, especially after the sun came out. During my ride I discovered that the seismic retrofit of the Lake Anderson dam has started. They have to tear the earth dam down entirely and then rebuild it, because some soil formations have been found under the dam that could weaken it in an earthquake. This explains why the ford over Coyote creeks was flooded the last time I rode the trail!!, they are draining the dam and it spills into the creek.

A side effect is that one of my favorite trails, the Serpentine trail that goes to the top of the dam, is now closed. So is all vehicular access to the dam and the trails above it, for the duration of the project (several years):

Nice Sunset After the Rain and a Good Workout 2

There is one more possible workaround that may allow access to the trails in the hills to the right of the dam, and that is by riding to top of E. Dunne Ave then going to the end of Holiday Lake Drive, I’ll try that on my next longer ride.