One in three would change dentist if face mask did not meet standards


One in three patients would change their dentist if their face mask did not meet the required standard, it has been revealed.

The new research – carried out by Bluetree Group – reports that two fifths (38%) of UK adults are worried about the safety and standard of their health practitioner’s face mask.

Individuals living in Northern Ireland are the most likely to be worried, where more than two fifths (42%) report concern.

Additionally, those living in Yorkshire (41%) and the North West (40%) are also among those most worried about the standard of their doctor or dentist’s face mask.

Public perception

Other findings include:

  • One third (33%) of adults would consider changing their health practitioner if they suspected their face mask did not meet standards
  • More than three quarters (78%) would be unable to tell if a dentist’s mask was fake
  • For the foreseeable future, more than one quarter (26%) of people expect their health practitioner to wear medical grade surgical masks during routine appointments
  • Additionally, more than one third (36%) of adults in the UK do not believe that the public has access to the necessary information on how to choose the right face mask.


‘During such an unprecedented time, it’s no surprise that people are worried about the use of face masks,’ said James Kinsella, director at Bluetree Group.

‘It is clear the public has strong feelings about the quality of face masks in practices. Two fifths of adults say they are worried about the standard of their practitioners’ face mask. It’s encouraging to see that where expectations are not met, people will seek an alternative.

‘The majority of people admit they would not be able to identify a fake face mask. However it is encouraging that a third of those we spoke to would have the confidence to take action; they would change their doctor or dentist if they didn’t think their face mask was up to standard.’

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