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Dentistry Online Podcast with Nigel Jones 1

This week, we chat to Nigel Jones at Practice Plan as the company gets ready to celebrate its 25th birthday. 

In our latest episode, Nigel Jones, the sales and marketing director at Practice Plan, lays out the story behind the company and how it has achieved such longevity.

Additionally, we discuss how dentistry has changed across the years and how Practice Plan has overcome and adapted to these adjustment.

Nigel also talks about what the company did to support practices and tackle the challenges of COVID-19.

‘The challenges and road bumps – nothing compares to the last few months and the COVID crisis,’ he says.

‘I’ve not seen anything like this in my 30 years. I think the amount of information and the speed and regularity with which the goalposts move for the profession is incredible. People overuse the word unprecedented, but they overuse it because it’s so appropriate.’

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