Our Plan to Help Fight Racial Injustice in America



Our Plan to Help Fight Racial Injustice in America 1

WEGO Health recently shared with you our support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and against racial injustice. As a platform dedicated to the amplification of often-unheard patient voices, we at WEGO Health recognize the importance of raising our own voice when we see injustices occurring across our country. WEGO Health stands with our Black audience, colleagues, and community members. Louder, we say again: Black Lives Matter.

We understand that words hold little weight without action to support them, so we want to share with you some of our plans to actively fight racism and support initiatives to continue the battle.

To start, WEGO Health has made substantial donations to both the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and BLKHLTH, with an additional dollar-for-dollar employee match program. We strongly recommend you check out these terrific organizations and show them your support as well.

Next, we will work actively to recognize health awareness days and months for conditions that disproportionately affect the black and minority communities. We’ll create content to support these efforts and educate our entire community about them, including resources on our WEGO Health Answers channels, beginning with Coronavirus Answers.

For our WEGO Health Awards program, we are actively collaborating with leaders from various communities and ethnicities, working to ensure a comprehensive representation of our network. While the WEGO Health Awards is a crowdsourced program and WEGO Health never intervenes nor has a hand in selecting the winners, we can ensure racial bias has no place in the judging process by promising that at least 30% of minority ethnicities comprise this year’s and all future judging panels. We encourage Network members to nominate Black and minority Patient Leaders to further establish a diverse representation of ethnicities. WEGO Health is committed to ensuring that the collective patient voice is heard.

Internally, each WEGO Health team member has been provided with resources and challenged to take specific, personal action against racial injustice each and every week – not just this week, but in the months and years ahead.

This is only the beginning. We are just getting started. We hope these actions work to address racism and racial injustice at their roots within each of our lives, the healthcare industry, and, ultimately, our country.

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